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Thread: Dog Bag

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    Dog Bag

    So when my dog and I go for our daily walk, I'm usually carrying treats, dog poop bag, the house key, maybe my i.d., maybe a dog ball, and, alas, my cell phone. I have an okay bag for most of these items ( But it isn't really because it's intended to go on a flexi leash and my dog walks on a regular leash and I'm the one who holds the bag. What I really need is something to wear. Clips or velcro attachments don't always work because what I'm wearing doesn't always accommodate them. It should have a waist band. Do you have such an item? If not, can it be added to the wish list?

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    Would wearing it on your shoulder/across your body on a shoulder strap work? Maybe a Mini Cafe Bag is the answer...
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