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    Dell XPS m1330 & soft cell?

    Hi, I just got a Dell XPS m1330 and am very interested in the Large Cafe Bag. I don't see a Soft Cell that's a perfect fit for the m1330, but it looks like the size 6 may be close -- is the Soft Cell something that I can stretch a little to fit a laptop of this size?

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    Hi! The Soft Cells do tend to have some give in them in the various different dimensions. I think your laptop would fit in the Size 6 Soft Cell okay because there is room in the long dimension of the laptop that can be used to make up for the fact that your laptop is a little bit wider than the Soft Cell. Give it a try, I'd be curious to know if it works! If it doesn't work out, definitely give the store a call and reference this post in the forums and they'll be happy to help you with an exchange. (800-729-9607.)

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