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    Removable divider?

    One thing I've always disliked about backpacks is that they're not good for carrying large/oddly shaped items. My backpack is about 2000 cubic inches, while my messenger bag is about half that. Nevertheless, there are a lot of things my backpack could never hold that fit just fine in the messenger bag.

    So I was thinking, what about a removable divider for the Brain Bag that would convert it from two smaller compartments to one large one? It could be zippered, or maybe have button snaps, or whatever else. Maybe the same thing for the Bihn messenger bags, for those times when you need space but not organization. This might not be possible, but I think it'd be a very useful feature, making Bihn bags even more versatile than they already are.

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    Not at all a bad idea, and certainly possible - probably best done with a zipper.
    However, I'm thinking the additional weight and bulk might make it an unhappy compromise, seeing that perhaps only a few people are apt to use such a feature.
    That being said, I am working on sketches for the new Brain Bag Pro, and I'll add this to the list wish-list of potential features.
    Thanks for the thoughts!

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    Not sure if this applies but this concept works for camera bags. You could always sell it as an extra like the more comfortable straps. The problem is that it may not work for a typical backpack style bag.

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