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    Transit/ID Card Holder/Key Ring/Passcase Wallet?

    For those of us who augment walking and biking with public transit and Flex/Zipcar (both of which require whipping out the respective card quickly):

    It would be awesome if you could make a transit pass/ID card holder that comes with a key ring, which incidentally also clips to one of the D-rings inside your bags. Mini pouch comes very close, except it doesn't allow for the quick whipping out action to swipe cards.

    The ID window can be clear, whereas the multiple pockets for transit passes/cards are easily accessible (i.e. not zipped in/open card slots) on the other side. Or I wouldn't mind if it just had a couple of card slots on both sides.

    If it's folded, there could be a zipper pocket on one of the sides...effectively making it a minimalist wallet. I don't think it needs to be all folded and big though. A couple of card slots on either side of the card-sized holder would suffice, and smaller is better for pocket real estate.

    This is the closest to what I was thinking of, except I was thinking vertical slots (like this), + key ring & clip.

    Also I found some leather ones online, but those are kind of fugly and old fartsy, not to mention being non-weatherproof.

    Last but not least: these vachetta wallets are super cool... you place folded money or business card or receipt or whatever inside, you close it and open it from the other side, and voila! The stuff is now under the elastic bands. Have you seen them? You could go play with them at a J Crew store. The proposed product can be something like this sans the inside mechanism.

    What do you think?
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    Agreed. But the accessory would have to be particularly sturdy and durable. I would buy one or more if it were fairly theft-resistant, did not easily allow cards to fall out and were fail-safe secured to the bag (similar to a locking carabiner).

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    I use the jimi (once sold by TB)

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    Timbuk2 sells a transit/ID card holder.
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    I ended up going the completely tooth-achingly sweet cute route :P

    This is what I got:

    Made for youth, but completely thoughtful details like thumb holes to slide the cards out quickly, waterproofing, and extra pockets inside for additional cards/money.

    Had to mobilize my emergency import agent (mom) though... I'm lucky. :-/

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