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    That's why I really like my Ego... obviously it looks more like it's a laptop bag, but it's roomy enough that I can rummage around in it a bit, and slip my camera in and out, change lenses, etc.

    Like I said, my worst habit is that I tend to throw things loose into my bag, so I want something that creates a small sleeve inside. The main reason I don't use a camera bag is that I hate having a bag that screams "Hey, look - (possibly) expensive camera here!"

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    What we're doing is putting the camera into a LowePro Nova 2 with either a huge extra pouch for a large wide-angle lens (LowePro 1W) or a couple of smaller pouches on the side for extra lenses and flashes, then dropping the whole lot in the bottom of a Brain Bag. It fits perfectly, and the Size 5 Brain Cell sits above it (in the other section of the Brain Bag).

    There's still heaps of room for other stuff, and it's still carry-on size.

    This isn't really a day use solution, but it is a solution to air travel with camera and laptop when limited to only one carry-on - and this is the hard part to achieve!


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    TO drag up this older thread I would add that I think there is room for a nice day use "grab and go" style bag for DSLRs. I see a variation on the Buzz as the ideal design. Lowepro has something along these lines with their Slingshot but apparently, as commented by another user here on the TB forums, the Slingshot is not near as comfy as the Buzz.

    I would love to have a bag like the Buzz which can accommodate something as large as say a Canon 40D/Nikon D300/Sony a700 sorta camera with a medium zoom on it as well as one extra lens, say something along the lines of a Canon EX 10-20mm or Sigma 10-20mm, or even another small to medium sized lens in a lens case. Then have a compartment to store support items like a battery, a couple back-up memory cards and a few other bits 'n pieces.

    I just like the form factor and functionality of a sling pack like the Buzz taken into the area of a day hike pack for a camera. To me the Buzz would be a logical starting point even if all you began with was the shoulder strap (pure genius btw...)

    Oh, the ability to tote around something like a TabletKiosk Sahara i440D Slate PC would be just the cherry on top...especially since the newer DSLRs are allowing real-time feeding of your shots to your device so you can modify settings on a larger display. I know, yet another gadget I am adding but, why not, what is the point of life w/o gadgets and goodies?

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