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Thread: Links to external bag reviews

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    Snarky Nomad made a great point about the waist strap . . . I would love the option to purchase an "Absolute" waist strap-BUT with different attachment clips. I can't use TB waist straps at all. My hand strength is not strong enough to press with the amount of pressure required on the clips while trying to open the latch. Just can't do it. BUT . . . An optional padded waist strap would be great for longer travels.
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    Are you talking about the gatekeeper clips, Melissa? I thought at first that I'd never be able to open them (I'm not exactly strong!) - then I discovered that you need to push the metal loop "backwards", i.e. further onto the clip, then the plastic part bends easily (almost automatically) and you just have to slip the metal loop over the hook. Takes a bit of practice but it doesn't require macho strength!
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    Travel Tray recommendation/short review here:
    Travel Accessories That'll Make Traveling About a Million Times Better
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    I came across this very positive review of the S25 by Black Scout Survival, and eWalker suggested I post the link here.
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    Hi, eWalker. Camille here. I do the links update. You're right (well, you know that!); that's a review of the Western Flyer. I listed it under the Aeronaut, too, because it has some comments about the Aeronaut.

    Quote Originally Posted by eWalker View Post
    Hi Darcy! This Gear Diary Link is to a Western Flyer Review not to an Aeronaut Review.
    Thank you to all who posted links to other reviews. I'm doing the August 2014 links update. I'll get your links on this page when I have the other links updated.
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    There is a trick to opening those perky clips. a video.

    as for the waist belt itself, I found it totally useless. Does not bear weight, does not do anything to help with carrying load or stabilizing pack that I can discern.

    my advice: figure out how to take the two halves off. cut off the webbing and use the handy clips for something else.

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    @Melissa, here is the video on how to use the clips done by Maverick:

    Exactly as @scribe said, the squeeze part is last (a bit counter intuitive). Just remember, to push the metal latch down first, then squeeze. It still is not 100% easy, but it is workable.

    For me, the waist straps are best when there is a heavy load (e.g on my BB). It is then that stabilization does count most, IMHO because any small movement of a heavy load is magnified due to inertia. I cannot tell you how much relief I got after wearing a fully loaded BB by using the waist straps.

    I also found that it does give some weight relief because, after putting on the waist strap, I can loosen the shoulder straps so that the waist strap has the weight and the shoulder straps keep the bag from pivoting backwards. It then given my shoulders some relief. Try it yourself on your TB bags.

    Having a padded waist strap option is icing on the cake! I would +1 that!

    Now, ultimately, only a framed backpack or bag will provide true weight distribution (so all non-framed backpacks - TB or otherwise - have the same limitation) but for a regular backpack, I would rather have it there than not - removable is perfect for people who want and those who do not - and another design reason I stick with TB bags. I know of another popular "military" style rugged backpack maker that does not have waist straps and I see in reviews that that omission is one of the cons.

    Plus, I can reuse them on my SE or other small packs with webbing loops!
    But, absolutely, if you never carry a truly heavy load (e.g. just light EDC), detach the waist straps and store them as you will not use them day to day. This is what I do and I store them in a pocket in my backpack in case my carry gets heavy!

    Hope this help
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    Could you please add Sid O'Neill's Crate of Penguins Blog Review of the Smart Alec to this list? I've referenced the original October 14, 2013 posting heavily in the forums, and he also did a following Traveling By Plane with the Smart Alec article on March 19, 2014. @backpack noted Carryology's Drive By :: Tom Bihn Founderís Briefcase August 4, 2014 review, which should also be added.

    I like the recent update additions to reviewed items, but I really regret the fact that all the review links to products that are no longer currently being sold (Buzz, Imago, Kit, Breve, Ruck's Sac, have been removed. We often discuss the evolution of bags and features on the forums, and as you know, Tom Bihn Bags last forever, so there are still people using all these bags (and others). If you want to keep the reviews of current bags separate, how about having a separate section, which can even be a separate thread, if you don't want this to be easily found and confused with current offerings, to include the reviews of retired bags, rather than just deleting all references to them?

    Thanks moriond

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