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    Grandma & Grandpa Go Traveling With Their New Aeronauts

    First trip with the Aeronaut(s). I ordered an Areonaut a couple of months ago and after receiving it Grandma decided she wanted one too. So, to try them out we scoured the web for cheap airfare and lodging in a city that offered great public transportation. We just got back after five days and are both sold on the Aeronaut as a "one bag" solution. We got on and off of buses and walked several blocks to hotels. No problem.

    I did quite a bit of research before deciding on the Aeronaut and felt that due to the design it would "bulge" less (assuming a rounded shape when packed to the limit) than other bags. I was not disappointed. I used packing cubes from Ebag and a packing folder from them as well. My whole bag weighed less than 20 lbs.
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    The Aeronaut does have terrific bulge control, especially if you use cubes. You experience matches mine exactly.

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