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Travel Tray - Tom Bihn Checkpoint Friendly Bags

Pop the Travel Tray out of your luggage when you arrive at your destination and drop in your keys, coins, wallet, cell phone — all that small stuff you don't want to have wander off while you sleep.

Think of it as a babysitter for the miscellanea that ends up in your pockets: our Travel Tray keeps an eye on all that until you're ready to face the world again. Unlike other travel trays, ours pulls shut with a drawstring so it can be used for more than just organizing the top of your bureau.

Need to depart with some degree of alacrity? Simply leave some or all of those little things in the tray, pull the drawstring, and hit the road.


200 denier Dyneema®/nylon ripstop
Sturdy nylon drawstring


Made in USA
100% finished seams


External Dimensions: 4.5" tall x 8" diameter/ 115 x 200 mm
Weight: 2 oz / 55 grams
Volume: 150 cubic inches / 2.5 liters (ASTM Standard Measure)

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External Reviews

As reviewed by One Bag, One World:
"When I go to the airport and have to go through security, everything has to come off and go into a small tray easily accessible to roving handsówallet, keys, change, Beretta, cellphone, notepad, pens, etc. But with the Travel Tray, I can put all these items into it, seal it with the drawstring, and put it all in my carry-on. Then once through security, rather than fumbling to put everything back on me while both holding up the line as well as adding to the possibility of leaving something behind, I just have to grab my bag and shoes and go to my gate. Once comfortably seated at the gate, I can then remove the Travel Tray from my carry-on and replace those items onto my person. This item has been added to my packing list. Itís just too versatile and too lite to leave at home." Read the full review.

As reviewed by The Gadgeteer:
"Itís a great little accessory that frequent travelers will appreciate. Itís definitely going with me on my next trip." Read the full review.

As reviewed by Restless Tech:
"It also makes a perfect portable tray for stuff that canít go through security at the airport. Unload your pockets into the travel tray and then pull the flap over the top and pull the drawstring. Every thing is secure and goes through the X ray to be recovered on the other side. Then you can just pop the whole thing into the pocket of your luggage to reassemble everything when you are safely at your gate." Read the full review.

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people who have the Travel Tray say:

Review of the Travel Tray
"Enter the travel tray--it's light as can be, but holds an amazing amount of miscellaneous stuff and keeps everything in one easy-to-search place. And when it's time to move on, the drawstring closure lets you just cinch it up tight, and tuck it into a corner of your Tom Bihn packing cube and toss it all into your bag. Nothing gets lost, nothing insinuates itself into cracks and crevices and hides itself away so that you find yourself wondering whether you left it back at the last hotel. Easy-peasy organizing for those of us who secretly wish we could just tie up our stuff in a bandana on a stick and hit the road. The travel tray is the next best thing." — posted by flitcraft

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Travel Tray

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