family trip to greece...sponsored by bihn?

“It sure looked that way, especially once we opened our luggage. Either that or we sponsored Tom’s next trip :) (By the way, Tom, my whole family recommends Greece.)

This is my mom right after we met up at DIA, for a family trip to Greece.
Before you are 4 Aeronauts (one is a breve, the other 3 have fancy-pants lining colors), a Smart Alec (belonging to my brother, Alec), and one Small Cafe bag. What you can’t see are the countless pouches, cubes, wallets & keeping the insides neat & happy. Unfortunately, since we were packing light many other TB bags had to be left at home :(
This was the family’s first time using TB luggage…they fell in love at first site & again on each of the mornings that we packed up to move to a new locale. Even the woman working the Luftsana counter in Frankfurt wanted one!”

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