“I wanted to test out the Cadet with all of my mobile gear — iPhone 4S, iPad 2, and 11″ MacBook Air. Tom Bihn thoughtfully provided both the Cadet Caches padded sleeves for the iPad and 11″ MBA, so I was able to try both. In additional, I loaded the bag up with most of the adapters, cables, and accessories that I normally take with me on trips.

As you can see from some of the gallery photos, I was able to put all of that equipment, plus cables, power adapters, keys, and more into the Cadet … and this is the small version! It’s like this bag expands into another dimension, magically adding space when you need it. Fortunately the weight of the equipment wasn’t overwhelming, but the Absolute Shoulder Strap did make carrying it quite comfortable.”

Read the full review by Steven Sande at TUAW.

TUAW Review of the Cadet laptop bag for Apple laptops