What’s in Scott Carmichael’s Checkpoint Flyer?

“My laptop and other smaller items go in a Tom Bihn Checkpoint Flyer – the one piece of luggage I have used for more than 6 months.”

Read Scott Carmichael’s entire packing list over at Gadling.

What's in Scott Carmichael's Checkpoint Flyer?

Veritrope: Help in Your Own Way Giveaway (Win an Aeronaut)

Veritrope: Help in Your Own Way Giveaway (Win an Aeronaut)

“Wherever any sort of meritocracy exists in this world, it is only because human beings have made sure that good works are rewarded — and that kind people are encouraged.

No one person on their own can make the world into a decent place. In the end, it’s up to all of us.

“People” have to make it happen.

I am grateful for the good fortune to know so many interesting, talented people — and I’ve met many of them through this website! I’m now asking them — and you — to help me raise money and awareness for two very special groups in Laos.”

Read more on how you can participate — and win an Aeronaut, Justin’s favorite bag for Round-The-World travel — at Veritrope.

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  • The Language Project: building community libraries for students to read books, use the internet, practice foreign languages, and to learn about the arts, photography, and music.
  • Village Science: bringing sustainable science education to students of the Lao People’s Democratic Republic.
  • Justin’s review of the Aeronaut
  • The Aeronaut
  • “Tom Bihn Drives Me Crazy”

    “I have one major complaint with Tom Bihn’s products. They are so good that I’ve ordered too many (not really, you can never own too much Tom Bihn stuff). Let’s start with the shipping—the only things that are padded are the bags. Unlike so many other on line add ons, the shipping fees are always accurate and honest. Secondly, there is no long wait and continual checking necessary; the shipping information comes quickly; in fact, it comes more quickly than any other company I’ve ever dealt with.

    Now to my complaint—it takes an extra day of planning to decide which Tom Bihn items I’m taking on the next trip. I enjoy Maverick’s videos and they are well done and accurate. I only wish he’d make a series on “take this for this trip or that trip.” Alas, I’m rambling. In short: I deal with no other company in the U.S. that has better products, better customer service and a more genuine attitude toward creating satisfied customers. Even my cat Grendyl (see Riley’s friends) has a difficult time deciding which product to nap on. Presently he favors the Western Flyer but I just ordered a new Ristretto for my MacBook Air which may become his favorite after he explores it for a day or two. Or, perhaps he’ll go back to the Brain Cell. Who knows? Thanks for everything you do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”
    – Richard

    In stock: Synapse, 3D Clear Organizer Cube (new photos)

    The Synapse backpack in all colors — Black/Steel, Black/Ultraviolet, Steel/Steel, Plum/Solar, Olive/Solar, Indigo/Solar, Navy/Solar, and Ultraviolet/Steel Dyneema — is now in-stock.

    Below: Candi models the Synapse in Ultraviolet Dyneema.

    Candi models the Synapse in Ultraviolet Dyneema.

    Candi models the Synapse in Ultraviolet Dyneema.

    Candi models the Synapse in Ultraviolet Dyneema.

    Video: The App Geek reviews the Ristretto for iPad

    The Brooks Review: the Ristretto

    The Brooks Review of the TOM BIHN Ristretto

    “Early one morning I was going through OmniFocus to see what I needed to change into a project and what I needed to delete from my life. I was brain dumping a bunch of stuff for my upcoming adventure to SXSi and I realized that the kit I wanted to carry around with me, while in attendance, doesn’t fit in my current bag. Crap.

    At the very least I determined that I needed to carry my iPad, MiFi, and Canon G9 with me (iPhone in my pocket). I have two bags and even the biggest one is too small to carry the bulky Canon G9. I was stuck trying to decide if I should get a new camera or a new bag to carry this stuff. Common sense won out and I decided that if I get anything it should be a new bag…”

    Read the full review at The Brooks Review.

    The Brooks Review of the TOM BIHN Ristretto

    Video by Beck Trench: Ristretto for MBA w/o the MBA

    See also:
    The Ristretto for the 11″ MacBook Air
    Beck’s original video showing the Ristretto with the 11″ MacBook Air

    “For those that are on the edge, I highly recommend getting one!”

    maverick's photo of the Imago in Steel/Cork/Wasabi.

    Above: maverick’s photo of the Imago in Steel/Cork/Wasabi Philadelphia’s 30th street train station. See a larger version of the above photo — and another of the Imago– in the Forums.

    “I just got my Imago this past Monday (it was a nice Valentine’s day gift!). I gave a quick review the other day of that and the Aeronauts my wife and I ordered.
    The bag, at first glance, was smaller than what I am accustomed to; I’ve been using a canvas-style messenger bag that was large, but not well-built, and not even close to being as well-designed as the Imago.
    That night I packed SO much into that little bag. It truly surprised me. I even fit my 15″ Vaio inside, even though I know it’s not the ideal size. It fit with tons of room left over. The standard strap is well made too; I’ve been pleasantly surprised. And the ballistic nylon, DANG! The material is so flippin’ nice! Sturdy, yet stylish. For those that are on the edge, I highly recommend getting one!”
    - Posted by teacherman in the TOM BIHN Forums.

    Photos of Monday’s Cut: Large Cafe Bags

    Photos of Monday's Cut: Large Cafe Bags

    Araceli uses an end-cutter as she lays up the plys of fabric for Irma to cut.

    Photos of Monday's Cut: Large Cafe Bags

    Irma finesses her Lightning saw through the plys of 500d Cordura.

    Photos of Monday's Cut: Large Cafe Bags

    Multiple plys of Wasabi and Steel 500d Cordura is cut. It’s amazing how many bags we make with Wasabi lining.

    Photos of Monday's Cut: Large Cafe Bags

    Cut-off selvage.

    Gear Patrol: 9 Days in Vietnam, 9 Gear Essentials (the Aeronaut)

    “Want to be taken away? Well, you must consider Vietnam. Take everything you’ve come to know or partially understand about the country as you’ve seen through the mass media and turn it all on its collective head.”

    Read the full post — including a review of the Aeronaut and accessories — on Gear Patrol.
    Gear Patrol: 9 Days in Vietnam, 9 Gear Essentials (the TOM BIHN Aeronaut)