Many, many bags back in-stock… (Aeronaut, Tri-Star, more)

You really like our bags — so much so that we’re temporarily sold out of many of them. They’re available for backorder and we’re working overtime in our new factory space to get them back into stock as soon as possible. We appreciate your patience!

The following bags are back in-stock and ship within one business day:

Horizontal Cache in Air 11, iPad sizes
Vertical Cache in Size 6Z
3D Clear Organizer Cube in all colors
Western Flyer Rolling Luggage Handle Pocket version, all colors
Side Effect, all colors
The Aeronaut in colors Steel/Ultraviolet, Steel/Solar, Crimson/Steel (colors Black/Steel and Steel/Steel ship by the end of the month.)
Checkpoint Flyer, all sizes and colors
Vertical Brain Cell in sizes 2S and 6Z
Size 4Z Horizontal Brain Cell
Packing Cube Shoulder Bag in all colors, including Ultraviolet
Tri-Star in Black/Steel, Steel/Solar and all other colors
Cork Organizer Pouches in all sizes

San Francisco Chronicle review of the Ristretto for iPad/iPad 2

San Francisco Chronicle review of the TOM BIHN Ristretto

Read the full review by Jill K. Robinson in the San Francisco Chronicle.

We’re on the ABC News “Made in America” Map

You’ll find us and other companies that manufacture in the U.S. via the ABC News “Made in America” map.

Tom Bihn Made in America ABC Special Map

In stock: Shop Bag in Small and Large, All Colors

The Shop Bag is now shipping in all colors and sizes, including Ultraviolet.
Tom Bihn Shop Bag ultra-lightweight reusable grocery bag

TOM BIHN New Dyneema/nylon rip-stop fabric in Ultraviolet

“No fuss required. Keep up the good work!”

Recent customer feedback:

“I’m writing to extend my thanks and appreciation for the efforts of
Eliam Puente.

I ordered an Empire Builder last month, hoping to take it on a business
trip this month. When the backorder was extended due to what I imagine
is justifiably high demand, I wrote back asking for help, and Eliam
worked with me to suggest other bags that might work for my purposes.
That in itself was an unexpected pleasure. Then, last Friday, he emailed
and called to say that there was an Empire Builder available. I was busy
arranging the trip I’m on now and couldn’t respond right away, but due
to his persistence I was able to get in touch with him before the
shipping deadline and my Empire Builder was waiting for me on Monday.

I’ve had a large cafe bag and other bits and pieces over the last few
years, so at this point I can hardly say that I’m surprised at the
quality of your products — but I was more than pleasantly surprised to
get such excellent, attentive, unstinting customer service, no fuss

Keep up the good work!”

- B.K.

“Hi wonderful folks at Tom Bihn! We’ve been so happy with our products!. On our recent trip to Istanbul,
we were sitting at the food court in Newark when we saw another traveler carrying a Steel Tri-Star, and
my husband whispers to me, “I think I like that color better.” His Tri-Star? The Indigo one. So guess what?
Hubby’s getting a Steel Tri-Star for Christmas! And the blue one? I’ll use it when I need to pack more than
what I can fit in my Western Flyer. That’s not often, but it can be, when we go on our cruises (darn those
formal nights!). Love always! Please say hi to Darcy for me. She is the best.”

- Lani from

Photo by LB_Virginia: Swift and accessories

Photo by LB_Virginia: Swift and accessories

See a larger version of the above photo by LB_Virginia via Flickr. See also: the Swift, Yarn Stuff Sacks, Guardian Light, Lifefactory Water Bottle.

Tom’s Shoulder

Two weeks ago, Tom had surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff; he had too much fun on his rowing team. He’s recovering well and will be back at his prototype sewing machine within the next few months. Until then, expect that in-process designs such as the knitting needle case and Camera Insert will be delayed. Thanks for your patience.

New Photos: Breve for iPad 2 (including in Kiwi)

The Breve for iPad 2 is available for pre-order now. The first batch is scheduled to ship by mid-April, though we may soon sell out. The second batch will ship by early May.

The TOM BIHN Breve for iPad 2

The TOM BIHN Breve for iPad 2

The TOM BIHN Breve for iPad 2

The TOM BIHN Breve for iPad 2

Flickr Photo: Packed up to go (Cork Swift, Large Shop Bag in Iberian)

Flickr Photo: Packed up to go (Cork Swift, Large Shop Bag in Iberian)

See a larger version of the above photo by mom2rays on Flickr. See also: the Swift in Cork, the Large Shop Bag.

Pocket GPS World Review: the Ristretto (9 out of 10)

Pocket GPS World review of the Ristretto

“The Ristretto is my iPad bag Xanadu. It’s the bag I had almost given up on. Tom Bihn clearly love their products and it is easy to see why. They are lovingly made, the design has is well thought out and there are countless small design touches. No other bag I have used ticks as many boxes as this one and if I have to criticise anything it would be the cost.

But even that feels a little churlish. These are bags to be loved, used and probably passed on and when looked at in that way, they are an investment that will repay you with many years of use.

My search is over.”

Pocket GPS World review of the Ristretto