Photo by paulkbiba: Here’s my Tom Bihn layout for a NYC conference

Here's my Tom Bihn layout for a NYC conference.

“Here’s my Tom Bihn layout for a NYC conference. I have a Ristretto for my 13″ Air, but I actually prefer the horizontal layout of the Imago. I put my Air into a Cache, which I can remove from the bag and carry around the conference.”

See a larger version of the above photo by paulkbiba in the TOM BIHN Forums.

In stock: Ristretto for 13″ Air/MBP, Medium Cafe Bag

The Ristretto for the 13″ MacBook Air/MacBook Pro is now in-stock in all colors: Black/Steel, Cocoa/Cayenne, Steel/Wasabi, and Olive/Cayenne.

The Medium Cafe Bag is now in-stock in all colors: Black/Steel, Black/Wasabi, Cocoa/Wasabi, Plum/Wasabi,

“Very well made, superbly engineered, and competes with the best of them.”

Recent customer feedback:

“I received the Ristetto today and promptly loaded it with my new 11″ MacBookAir, its external superdrive, power adapter, a tiny 500GB backup drive, and wireless mouse. Everthing fits perfectly without being cramped; yet it is quite a svelte and attractive package. I have lots of computer and camera bags to compare it with, including a couple of ____, three _____, a _____, and several ______. This bag is very well made, superbly engineered, and competes with the best of them. Just wanted you to know. I’ll look at Tom Bihn bags first when I need yet another bag.”

– S.

“I have recently decided to purchase a messenger bag, and while looking for the right one I realized that I should probably go with the same people who have made the backpack I’ve been using the last 10 years. And then I realized how amazing that is given my penchant for breaking things. So I don’t know if you folks use testimonials, but I figured I’d give one:

Back in 2001, when I was a sophomore in high school, I purchased an early Bihn bag to go with my (humongous) laptop. It came with a snap-in detachable laptop case and pockets everywhere, and enough room to cram virtually anything. The laptop is long gone, but I continued to use the backpack (which I still have) through High School and College both. I am very hard on my things, and this backpack is maybe my only everyday-use possession that has toughed it out through the wear and tear I’ve given it over the past decade.

Even now I don’t need to replace it, except that I don’t use a backpack as often.

So, thank you!”

– J.

14 New Bag Photos

TOM BIHN Co-Pilot in Steel/Ultraviolet
The Co-Pilot in Steel/Ultraviolet.

TOM BIHN Little Swift with iPad2
The Little Swift in Cork with our iPad 2 inside of a Cache for iPad/iPad 2.

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In English this time: the Birnenblog review of our Ultrasuede® Screen Cloth

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Ristretto for iPad/iPad 2 in Conifer

Available for order, ships within one business day.

TOM BIHN Ristretto for iPad in Conifer/Steel

Birnenblog Review of the Ultrasuede® Screen Cloth (Video, in German)

Read the review at Birnenblog.
See the Ultrasuede® Screen Cloth.

TOM BIHN Ultrasuede® Screen Cloth

misterN: Photos of the Super Ego

TOM BIHN Super Ego review by misterN

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New photo: Co-Pilot in Iberian/Steel

TOM BIHN Co-Pilot in Iberian/Steel Dyneema/nylon

The Co-Pilot personal carry-on travel bag in Iberian/Steel Dyneema/nylon.

New Photos Added (Synapse, Cork Organizer Pouches, Color Key Strap)

We’ve added a few new bag photos to our site over the weekend. More are on the way, so stay tuned.

TOM BIHN Synapse in Conifer
The Synapse in Conifer/Steel.

TOM Color Key Strap and Padded Organizer Pouch
Small Cafe Bag, 16″ Color Key Strap in Cayenne, and Mini Padded Organizer Pouch.

TOM BIHN Cork Organizer Pouches
Small Cork Organizer Pouch. New photos of sizes Mini and Medium are also up.