Photos by Janine: Shop Bag as daily carry tote

“I was a big fan of backpacks before my pregnancy when the husband and I frequently walked to work. Lately I’ve been carrying a tote bag instead, though, because the weather has been unpredictable, I don’t have the same range of pregnancy-friendly outerwear that I do for my pre-bulbous state, and my energy level just really hasn’t been up to a mile-long hike twice a day.

Enter the Small Shop Bag. Mine is in Ultraviolet Dyneema. Ultraviolet is an excellent color for an unlined bag; it’s light enough that you can find things at the bottom, but it’s dark enough to be discreet. Light does shine through the Dyneema, which helps to illuminate the interior. Dyneema also has a pleasant feel: lightweight and flexible, but very strong.”

TOM BIHN Photos by Janine: Shop Bag as daily carry tote

TOM BIHN Photos by Janine: Shop Bag as daily carry tote

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Seattle Showroom Open Tomorrow (04/16) 11am – 4pm

Though it’s not quite ready, we know many of you have been waiting patiently to visit our new Seattle Store/Factory Showroom, so we’re opening it just for you from 11am – 4pm tomorrow, Saturday April 16th.

Address: 4750A Ohio Avenue South, Seattle, WA, 98134
(Plenty of parking right in front of the store!)
Need directions? Start here.

Another great dorayme photo – the Little Swift worn/carried

TOM BIHN Little Swift photo by dorayme

Photo by dorayme. See a larger version + more via Flickr. See also: the Little Swift.

The Travelite® FAQ Review of the Side Effect

TOM BIHN Side Effect Review

“The Side Effect is still small enough to easily slip into your main carry-on or seatside bag (like the Co-Pilot) and keep your valuables in, but its versatility is what clinches it for me. The Side Effect gets my thumbs-up; I really like the utility of this bag.”

Read the full review by Lani of Travelite®.

Video by iggyp (Social Work Tech Blog) of the ID

Visit iggyp’s blog — Social Work Tech Blog — to read/see more. You can also discuss the video with iggyp in the TOM BIHN Forums. He’s on Twitter, too.

Photos by dorayme of the Shop Bag + more

“I love these bags, they are some of my favorites, and combined with the Utility Totes of yesteryear they make a nice shopping complement. I am ready to hit the shops and get groceries for my family. All of my lesser reusable bags have been retired to be given away.”

Posted by dorayme in the TOM BIHN Forums. See + read more.

TOM BIHN Photos by dorayme of the Shop Bag

TOM BIHN Photos by dorayme of the Shop Bag
See also: the Shop Bag.

14 New Photos of Clear Organizer Pouches

TOM BIHN Clear Organizer Pouches

We’ve posted 14 new photos of the Clear Organizer Pouches in a gallery on our Facebook page. Or, see the new photos on the Clear Organizer Pouches page.

New Photos: Brain Bag, Clear Organizer Pouches

Just two of the new bag photos we took over the weekend. We’ll post more later today.

TOM BIHN Brain Bag in Navy

The Brain Bag in Navy.

TOM BIHNClear Organizer Pouches

Medium Clear Organizer Pouches.

jjsouth: Shop Bags in the Little Swift (Photo)

Tom with his Brain Bag in Navy

Photo by jjsouth of Shop Bags in Steel and Ultraviolet inside of the Little Swift.

Photos: Tom with his Brain Bag backpack in Navy

Tom with his Brain Bag in Navy

Tom with his Brain Bag in Navy

More new photos of the Brain Bag are coming soon.