Updates on new and upcoming designs

A local friend who knits has given us good feedback on the Knitting Needle Case and Tom is continuing to refine its design.

Tom will be working with the Seattle factory today on some minor manufacturing issues regarding the Camera Insert. It’s still in development and we hope to release it soon.

The Diaper Bag concept is something Tom has been working on for several years; it consists of a few components that are completely new to our manufacturing process. One non-sewn component, which will hopefully be made to our specifications in California, has a sub-component that we were promised delivery on almost two years ago. This sub-component has no comparable replacement anywhere in the world and we just last week received an updated sample. Sure, we could have released something sooner, but it wouldn’t be the hyper-cool thing we envision. Bottom Line: the Diaper Bag is still under development and due to circumstances beyond our control, its release date is unknown.

There’s lots more in the works, but these are the three designs that you most often ask us for updates on. Stay tuned!

Daniel Beltrá’s SPILL: Images from the Gulf

Daniel Beltrá's SPILL: Images from the Gulf

We’re a fortunate company: among our customers are some of the most innovative, talented and accomplished people we’ve ever had the opportunity to meet.

One of those customers is Daniel Beltra, an award-winning conservation photographer and member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). You may have seen one of Daniel’s aerial photographs of the Gulf Oil Spill in Raffi Khatchadourian’s article, “The Gulf War”, in the March 14, 2011 edition of “The New Yorker.”

An exhibit of Daniel’s photos from the Gulf Oil Spill — SPILL– Images from the Gulf — is featured at the Seattle Aquarium from April 20th – August 7th, and on May 5th, Daniel will take part in a discussion on health of the world’s oceans and marine life as part of the “Sound Discussions” series at the Seattle Aquarium.


  • A great article from Seattlest on Daniel’s career and the SPILL exhibit

  • DanielBeltra.com
  • Daniel Beltra Photography on Facebook
  • New, Ships Now: Handle Loop

    The Handle Loop provides an easy way to add a wrist loop to the Side Effect,
    3D Clear Organizer Cube, other TOM BIHN accessory bags, or just your keys or Swiss Army knife. $2. Available for order and ships within one business day.

    TOM BIHN New, Ships Now: Handle Loop

    TOM BIHN RNew, Ships Now: Handle Loop

    In stock: Ego, Size 1 Horizontal Brain Cell, iPad/iPad 2 Horizontal Cache

    Now shipping:

    The Ego messenger bag, all colors.

    The Size 1 Horizontal Brain Cell.

    The iPad/iPad 2 Horizontal Cache.

    New, Ships Now: RFID Blocking Passport Pouch

    Our new RFID Blocking Passport Pouch is designed to carry and protect your passport or other sensitive documents while traveling. With an exterior of light-weight, cut-resistant Dyneema/nylon ripstop fabric and an interior lining of special metalized fabric, the Passport Pouch will effectively block detection or reading of RFID chips. $25. Available for order now and ships within one business day. In colors Steel, Ultraviolet, and Iberian.

    TOM BIHN RFID Blocking Passport Pouch

    TOM BIHN RFID Blocking Passport Pouch

    TOM BIHN RFID Blocking Passport Pouch

    TOM BIHN RFID Blocking Passport Pouch
    Inside-out view shows the special metalized fabric

    Updates to the Brain Bag (and Smart Alec and Synapse)

    We’ve added a heavy-duty clip to the front of the Brain Bag, just under the top-most zippered pouch. It’s a handy spot to clip a water bottle, umbrella or even an insulated coffee mug. Because it has a low profile, it’s not in the way when you’re not using it.

    We’ve also added a hydration tube clip to all three backpacks: the Brain Bag, the Smart Alec and the Synapse. If you use any of these bags for hiking or cycling, you’ll appreciate the ability to keep the business end of your hydration system conveniently attached to the shoulder strap. It works with most of the popular hydration sacks and fits tubes up to 3/8″ or 10mm. It attaches to the vertical sternum strap adjustment strap on the shoulder straps, and is easily removable if you don’t need it, or if you just want to move it to the opposite strap.

    Updates to the Brain Bag (and Smart Alec and Synapse)
    The new clip on the front of the Brain Bag.

    Updates to the Brain Bag (and Smart Alec and Synapse)
    The new hydration tube clip.

    Updates to the Brain Bag (and Smart Alec and Synapse)
    A Lifefactory bottle in Graphite clipped to the front of the Brain Bag.

    Thank you for saving my MacBook Pro!

    We received this email from Sharon yesterday; we’re so glad that she and her husband survived this car crash without injury.

    12 new photos of the TOM BIHN Brain Bag

    “Darcy, Tom, & the rest of the Tom Bihn crew,

    Thank you for saving my MacBook Pro!

    My husband & I were in a terrifying auto wreck this weekend and the car rolled. We both had seatbelts on which saved our lives, but my ID Messenger was tossed around the car. Because I’ve been using a Brain Cell with the ID for years I never even thought twice about it. That afternoon I pulled out my laptop to show the family some pictures I’d been working on and their reactions made me realize that what I’d taken for granted was actually something astonishing. It had honestly never occurred to me that my computer might NOT be ok! I think my family was as shocked that the computer worked as I would have been if it hadn’t! LOL.

    Seatbelts save lives and Tom Bihn saves computers!

    Thank you!”

    – Sharon

    12 new photos of the Brain Bag

    Just three of the 11 new photos of the Brain Bag backpack that we’ve added today. See them on the Brain Bag page. Larger versions of the new images can be viewed in our Facebook gallery.

    12 new photos of the TOM BIHN Brain Bag

    12 new photos of the TOM BIHN Brain Bag

    12 new photos of the TOM BIHN Brain Bag

    Defiant Musings: My Favorite Accessory or, I Love TOM BIHN

    “I love this bag. I love this bag so much that I have used it nonstop since I bought it last fall and haven’t felt the urge to switch out or find a new one. As my husband will tell you, this is highly unusual as I have a closet full of abandoned bags. Some will too big, some too small, some awkward to carry, some too heavy, etc. But the Tom Bihn bag is just about perfect: the right number of pockets, a great strap, big enough to fit both MacBook Air and iPad, but not so big that things drown in it if I’m not carrying a computer, and a great color (I went with purple/wasabi, but they have a bunch of other color combinations).”

    Read the full review at Defiant Musings.


    Paul Biba: Thoughts on my iPad 2

    “As for carrying it around, the new Tom Bihn Breve is perfect ($55). It’s a simple well padded case with a zippered slot at the back for the iPad and two small pockets on the front for a charger or other stuff. I got it for my original iPad and it will continue in use for the iPad 2.”

    Read more at TeleRead.

    Paul Biba: Thoughts on my iPad 2