Feedback on the Aeronaut Grab Handle

In response to our post on the blog and Facebook featuring the grab handles on the end of the Aeronaut, you wrote:

“I sure appreciated both of them one time I had to hustle with the bag … I had the absolute strap across my body and kept the Aeronaut steady by holding on to the side handles. I was wearing a different backpack on my back, otherwise it would have been secured there!”

“I adore all the thought put into these awesome bags!”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used all of those handles in various situations. My Aeronaut is my rock.”

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See our factory in action tomorrow in Seattle!

Visit our Seattle Factory Showroom/Retail Store tomorrow (Wednesday, 06/15) during our open hours of 11am – 2pm and you’ll catch a glimpse of our factory crew making bags. We’re at 4750A Ohio Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98362. Want to see a map?

TOM BIHN Top-Stitches

Oops, wrong photo.

Here we go:
Photos of Monday's Cut: Large Cafe Bags

TOM BIHN Imago reviewed by Whatever

Lisa and Lee at the new TOM BIHN Seattle Factory

Design Features Explained: Aeronaut Grab Handles

The grab handles at either end of the Aeronaut were designed to be in the right place at the right time. Specifically, they provide an inviting and obvious place to grab and give the Aeronaut a yank to extract it from an overhead compartment of a plane or other tight spot. They’re reinforced, so if you need to pull hard, go ahead, and because they’re padded, the whole process will be as comfortable for your hands as possible.
- Tom

TOM BIHN Design Features Explained: Aeronaut Grab Handles

Photo: International Yarn Bombing Day with the Swift

Flossie shared this photo with us on Facebook:
“My Swift is on me almost everyday, but I never have a picture of me wearing it. Here I am on International Yarn Bombing Day, wearing my Swift, bombing my NYC block.”

@canine Stopped by the @tombihn factory to accessorize the Mini

@canine Stopped by the @tombihn factory to accessorize the Mini

@canine Stopped by the @tombihn factory to accessorize the Mini

Posted by @canine. Thanks for visiting the store today, Greg! See also: the Synapse backpack.

Update from dorayme on the Side Effect

“I totally thought I would primarily be using this as my handlebar bag, but I took it on my trip to Seattle as my micro purse and I haven’t stopped carrying it. See even while swinging wildly with my 12 year old niece it’s so securely attached that it’s become as close as a part of my body. I guess that’s just a Side Effect of a great bag!”

Read dorayme’s entire post in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Update from dorayme on the Side Effect

17 New Photos of the ID Messenger Bag

See 17 new photos of the ID messenger bag. Larger versions of the new photos can be viewed on Facebook.

17 New Photos of the ID Messenger Bag

17 New Photos of the ID Messenger Bag

Photo by SusanM: Tri-Star under the seat of 737

The Setup: What does Mark Jardine use to get stuff done?

Posted in the thread started by MyJourneys: “Review: Tri-Star, Medium Cafe Bag, Organizer Wallet, etc. :)”

“[The Tri-Star] fit under plane seats with room to spare. On several recent trips, the flight attendants were banning all wheeled bags (regardless of size) from being carried on due to space issues, I was able to walk right on with no issues. Instead of fighting to beat the crowds to insure overhead space, now I sit and relax while everyone else waits in slow-moving lines to board, then I walk right to my seat, pull my Cafe Bag out of the center pocket, tuck my Tri-Star underneath the seat in front of me, and have a seat. No more fighting to get in the front of the line for overhead space. I’m so care-free and relaxed that I’ve caught other travelers throwing some envious looks my way.”

New Seattle Factory Showroom Schedule

Our Seattle Factory Showroom is still open limited days/hours, but a little more often than before.

During the next couple of months, we will be open:
Wednesdays from 11am – 2pm
Two upcoming Saturdays: July 9th and August 13th, 12pm – 5pm.

If you’re coming in from out of town or just can’t make it to our showroom during our open hours, we’d be happy to open just for you by appointment. Email ( or call us (206-652-4123) to make your appointment. And stay tuned for expanded opening hours in the coming months!

The Setup: What does Mark Jardine use to get stuff done?

The Setup: What does Mark Jardine use to get stuff done?

The Setup is a collection of nerdy interviews, asking people from all walks of life about the software and hardware they use. Mark Jardine, known for his work at Tapbots, responds: “When I’m on the go, I choose between my second generation iPad or my 11” Macbook Air depending on the type of work I plan to get done. It’s a good thing they both fit into my tiny Tom Bihn Ristretto bag (though not at the same time). I also never forget my Shure SE530 earbuds to drown out the outside world.”