“One of my favorite moments in the movie “As Good As It Gets” is when Jack Nicholson’s obsessive-compulsive jerk of a character storms into Greg Kinnear’s hotel room, panicked and yelling, only to find Simon (Kinnear) in the middle of laying out his clothing on the bed in perfect, folded symmetry next to his semi-full suitcase. In the middle of his tirade, Jack stops and very genuinely says, “Nice packing.” I like that moment because I’ve found that there are few human qualities more deserving of respect and celebration than the ability to skillfully and strategically pack a suitcase. For the uninformed, allow me to explain the process. Think through your itinerary: how many days, how many changes of clothes (swimming? coat and tie?); grab a few extra boxers and socks and tshirts; fold gently, lay out in rows; then place in suitcase – shoes on the bottom, then pants, then heavy sweaters and jackets, then shirts, then underclothes; then place your gear on top. And herein lies the problem: how do I contain my gear in an organized and classy enough fashion to live up to the hype that is the layer cake of packing perfection beneath it in my overnight bag? Until recently, I honestly didn’t have much of an answer. Razors and toothpaste and prescriptions went in whatever pockets were available, and remained in disarray for my entire trip. But then I came across Tom Bihn.”

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The Kit by TOM BIHN