“Due to the variety of different events on my schedule, my gear needed to be really versatile, good to wear schlepping around museums and galleries, neat enough for furniture showrooms & trade shows visits and smart enough for fancy “design” events in the evening, including cocktail parties, dinners and even a visit to a nightclub (which I was WAY too old and introverted to endure for long!)

Plus, the temperature ranged from 9C/50F to 26C/79F so the gear needed to cope with conditions from chilly Germany to warm Milan…and cold, windy Lake Como!

With some careful planning, selection (tip: lots of black, a very versatile colour) and weighing of my gear (I’ve become a light weight travel geek!), I managed to come up with a packing list which coped with all the scenarios above…and still only weigh 7kg (15.4 pounds) total!”

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Aeronaut packing list for 2 weeks in Europe

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