First feedback on the Cadet

First feedback on the Cadet:
“Quick Packing List:
13″ Macbook Air in Cache (Regular), 9×5 Ledger, iPad 1, Kindle, Medium Clear/Iberian Pouch, Clear Mini Pouch w/USB Cables, MBA Video Connector
Mouse, MBA Charger, Bottle of Water, Pens, Pencils, etc, Small writing notebook, Mini padded pouch for headphones, FoT pouch w/ hard drive
Solar Dyneema Small pouch with every audio cable/adaptor every necessary, USB Drive Pouch, Kitchen Sink, Stove, 12 person hot tub. ok. being silly now. Time for bed.

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First customer feedback on the Cadet

“Love the cell phone pocket, and the front organizational stuff. I managed to get my MBP Pro 13, an ipad in a case, a 7 inch android tablet in a ballistic case, a medium and two small TB pouches, Mac power supply, travel mouse and various pens and stuff all inside comfortably.”
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First customer feedback on the Cadet

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