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Our Seattle factory crew is hard at work making the first batch of Citizen Canine bags, and they’re expected to ship on schedule (or even before) on December 7th.

src="" alt="Introducing the Citizen Canine" width="450" height="450">
Photo shows one Krebs Recycle leash clipped to the shoulder strap and one clipped to the waist strap of the Citizen Canine.

In other news, thanks in part to customer Miraz (via Facebook), we’re going to include two leash clips with the optional Waist Strap that can be ordered with the Citizen Canine. (The Citizen Canine comes standard with a shoulder strap that also has two leash clips.) We’ve also added the option on the Citizen Canine page for you to add two additional leash clips for $1. This is for those of you who (like us) have more than one dog and thus more than one leash.