Tynan’s 2012 Gear: Zen Edition

“I’m still using my trusty Tom Bihn Synapse in Dyneema. I’ve never before used a backpack that reflects such a highly developed understanding of travel. The compartments are perfectly laid out and sized so that they never encroach on each other, even when stuffed.”

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Video: Our Materials

Video: Our company, UPS, and sustainability

Because we were one of the first companies in the country to sign up for two major UPS environmental sustainability programs — Carbon Neutral Shipping and Certified Green Packaging — UPS and the Washington Post chose to profile our company for their video series on logistics and sustainability. Watch the video here.

TOM BIHN on sustainability

Below the video is a link to an article on Sustainability. Click the link to read an interview with Tom and Alexandra Guerson, a longtime TB Forums member.

Video review of the Aeronaut by JD Andrews

Aeronaut by Tom Bihn – Travel Gear Review from JD Andrews on Vimeo.

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Video review of the Swift and Little Swift

Bags for Hookers – Tom Bihn’s Swift and Little Swift [Review] from Justin Lukasavige on Vimeo.

“Picture this: You’re busy crocheting a blanket with multiple colors. You just have one more row to go and all you need is the last bit of purple yarn and then you’re finished. You reach into your crochet bag and what you see is basically akin to a fresh hairball. Instant defeat. You know you’ll have to untangle anything you want out of there. That’s when you reach for a glass of wine and go on watching Doctor Who to forget about your crochet troubles.

I have good news for those of you who have ever experienced the fresh hairball, It’s called The Swift bag by Tom Bihn. This bag was designed by knitters for knitters. I am not a knitter but I crochet and this bag is perfect for me. Currently I have two projects going and there is ZERO mess. I can find yarn and hooks and anything else I might need. I really, REALLY, really love this bag. I know you will too. It is perfection. I literally have not found anything I dislike about it. The yarn stuff sacks it comes with are so useful. Who knew a simple stuff sack could solve all of my problems?”

Read the full review by Christine Lukasavige @ Backcountry Treks.

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Video: Travel Accessories from TOM BIHN

More from JD Andrews @ earthXplorer

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Backcountry Treks Video Review: Best Medium Lightweight Pack

Backpack Wrap Up: The Best Medium Lightweight Pack [Review] from Justin Lukasavige on Vimeo.

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Backcountry Treks Video Review of the Brain Bag

Tom Bihn Brain Bag Backpack [Review] from Justin Lukasavige on Vimeo.

Backcountry Treks Video Review of the Synapse
Backcountry Treks Video: Best Medium Lightweight Pack
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Tactical Gearhead Video Review: Horizontal Brain Cell

“Andreas reviews the Tom Bihn Brain Cell. This is like a bullet-proof vest for your laptop. Super protection against everything you may face on a typical business trip.” More @ Tactical Gearhead.

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Documentally: Epic Unboxing Video

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