Loaded Pocketz: Cache with Rails video + more Synapse 25 photos

Loaded Pocketz: Smart Alec and Synapse 25 side-by-sideSide-by-side: the Smart Alec (with the Upper Modular Pocket and Glowire) and the Synapse 25.

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Video: Synapse 25, Swift, Ristretto — Everyday

Synapse 25 | Swift in Cork | Field Journal Notebook | Ristretto for 11″ MacBook Air

Video review of the Brain Bag + Camera I-O

TOM BIHN Brain Bag Camera Bag Review Our Brain Bag with Camera I-O inside.

Watch the video below or see the full review at SLR Lounge. See also: the Brain Bag, Camera I-O

Video: Gear Diary Reviews the Brain Bag

Read the full review @ Gear Diary. See also: the Brain Bag

All About the Red, White and Blue, While Being Green (Video)

“Partnering with UPS, TOM BIHN Bags ships every order via UPS carbon neutral. The company pays a little extra to ship the bags and carbon “credits” are purchased to offset the emissions generated by the shipping process.

Going one step further, they have their shipping and packing materials certified as environmentally friendly in the UPS Eco Responsible Packaging Program. The boxes aren’t just made of recycled cardboard, but also are right-sized (preventing use of excess materials) and crush-tested to prevent product damage. This is especially crucial, as there’s no environmental benefit if a flimsy package is damaged in transit and requires a replacement shipment.”

Read the full article over at the UPS blog.

Dyneema Aeronaut and Tri-Star Unboxing Video

Posted by Fat Crip in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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Tynan’s 2012 Gear: Zen Edition

“I’m still using my trusty Tom Bihn Synapse in Dyneema. I’ve never before used a backpack that reflects such a highly developed understanding of travel. The compartments are perfectly laid out and sized so that they never encroach on each other, even when stuffed.”

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Video: Our Materials

Video: Our company, UPS, and sustainability

Because we were one of the first companies in the country to sign up for two major UPS environmental sustainability programs — Carbon Neutral Shipping and Certified Green Packaging — UPS and the Washington Post chose to profile our company for their video series on logistics and sustainability. Watch the video here.

TOM BIHN on sustainability

Below the video is a link to an article on Sustainability. Click the link to read an interview with Tom and Alexandra Guerson, a longtime TB Forums member.

Video review of the Aeronaut by JD Andrews

Aeronaut by Tom Bihn – Travel Gear Review from JD Andrews on Vimeo.

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