yarnopfile photo: family trip to Greece…sponsored by Bihn?

family trip to greece...sponsored by bihn?

“It sure looked that way, especially once we opened our luggage. Either that or we sponsored Tom’s next trip :) (By the way, Tom, my whole family recommends Greece.)

This is my mom right after we met up at DIA, for a family trip to Greece.
Before you are 4 Aeronauts (one is a breve, the other 3 have fancy-pants lining colors), a Smart Alec (belonging to my brother, Alec), and one Small Cafe bag. What you can’t see are the countless pouches, cubes, wallets & keeping the insides neat & happy. Unfortunately, since we were packing light many other TB bags had to be left at home :(
This was the family’s first time using TB luggage…they fell in love at first site & again on each of the mornings that we packed up to move to a new locale. Even the woman working the Luftsana counter in Frankfurt wanted one!”

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Photo by cobrien: Synapse at Artist’s Bluff at Franconia Notch State Park

“I wanted to thank you all again for the feedback. I got the Synapse and LOVE IT! I’m happy I got the navy blue since I now keep thinking TARDIS bag every time I look at it… -
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The Imago in Navy/Cork/Wasabi

More new photos of the Imago messenger bag will be posted tomorrow.

(Above: 13″ MacBook Pro in a Size 6Z Horizontal Cache, iPhone, power supply, Magic Mouse, two books, pens in a Pen/Pencil Clear Organizer Pouch + room for a few more small items.)

ncb4: Can’t believe it fits: my DSLR inside a Medium Cafe Bag!

“I am happily playing with my brand new (just arrived Monday) Medium Cafe Bag in Crimson/Steel, which is a color I’m falling more in love with every day. (And I’m not normally a red person either.) I bought the MCB to carry my iPad around with a wireless keyboard, stand, and various things from my purse. But just for fun, I decided to experiment and see if my Olympus e620 DSLR would fit. I didn’t think it would, since the depth of the MCB, from front to back, is listed as only three inches. But I’m beginning to think that Tom Bihn cloned some threads from Mary Poppins’ bag, because all of my TB bags seem to hold way more than you’d think they could, based either on their measurements or merely looking at them from the outside.”

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mattfusf: Co-Pilot at New Meadowlands Stadium

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Twitter Photo: (maiden voyage for my 1st @tombihn bag)

Thanks to @littlestsounds for this great photo of their new Synapse.

Going Up the Wudang Mountains with the Aeronaut (Photo by eVolcre)

Thanks to TOM BIHN Forums member eVolcre for sending us this photo. See: Wudang Mountains (Wikipedia), the Aeronaut.

Photo by misterN: Super Ego with at Miller Park in Milwaukee

Photo by misterN: Super Ego with at Miller Park in Milwaukee

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tCook: 45 day, 9,300 mile road trip with TOM BIHN bags

“Last year, I spent 45 days driving a 9,300 mile loop around the country. My Tom Bihn bags were a great help and most of them were in and out of the car with me every night (I had a couple of longer stops, but mostly kept moving each night). Halfway through, I picked up my BFF in Delaware and we had a TB bag-fest going on in the back of the car. This picture, in Virginia Beach, shows 1) my Honda Element, the best road trip car *ever*, 2) my Synapse, Aeronaut, and Co-Pilot, 3) the BFF’s Side Effect and Aeronaut, and 4) a bunch of other gear (the trip included some camping so we were pretty loaded down!).

There were some packing cubes (Aeronaut, 3D, clear quarter) inside, but I wanted to share this picture of our all-around-the-U.S. bags!”

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tCook: 45 day, 9,300 mile road trip with TOM BIHN bags

Crimson/Steel Small Cafe bag at maverick’s new digs

Crimson/Steel Small Cafe bag at maverick's new digs