Your book/magazine recommendations

We asked you for book/magazine recommendations on Facebook and you gave us many great suggestions, including:

Chris: “Anything by Sharon Kay Penman. Start with the older trilogies – it follows the same medieval time period and people.”

Kia: “Non fiction – The Geography of Bliss – interesting read on Happiness and the happiest, least happy countries around the world and why they might be that way. Loved reading about Qatar.”

Becky: “Shakespeare” by Bill Bryson. Bryson is witty, funny and admits there is not a lot of hard evidence on Shakespeare’s life. But it is well researched and interesting. I don’t know much about the Bard, so it is a good intro.”

* “Thinking, Fast and Slow” by Daniel Kahneman
* “And So It Goes: Kurt Vonnegut” by Charles J. Shields
* “1Q84″ by Haruki Murakami
* “Republic, Lost” by Lawrence Lessig

Phil: “I think one the forgotten medium for fiction these days is the short story. This is also odd given the busyness of most Americans. I would recommend going back and reading the various short stories contained in past Summer Fiction New Yorker editions.”

Jonathan: “The New Yorker and The Economist, hopefully I will see some more Tom Bihn adverts in these mags.”

And there’s so many more — check them out on Facebook.

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Seattle Store December Openings

Our Seattle Retail Store/Factory Showroom is now open every Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 10am – 4pm.

We’ll also be open on Saturday, December 10th and Saturday, December 17th from 12pm – 5pm.

4750A Ohio Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98134

Seattle Store Open Wednesday and Saturday

Photo: Turning my eticket into paper cranes

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Tweeted by @write_chen

New: Amazon Kindle Fire Pouches

Our Amazon Kindle Fire Pouch is as simple as it gets and may be as good as it gets, too: it’s a flat pouch that closes with a zipper on the top. The top is cut a bit wider than the bottom, which allows the opening to be a little generous for easy in and out, and gives the pouch its distinctive shape.

$15-$20. In-stock and ships within one business day.

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Cork from Portugal. Learn more about Cork here.

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Padded: 1/4″ / 8mm foam laminated to Taslon nylon outside and soft brushed tricot inside

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2011 Holiday Shipping Schedule

2011 Holiday Shipping Schedule

Use this handy guide to help figure out which shipping method you need to choose to ensure your TOM BIHN order will arrive by or on December 24th. Note that our shipping cut-off time is 12:30pm PST. Need help? Wondering if an out of stock bag can get to you or your loved one in time? Email, call us at 1-800-729-9607, ask us on Twitter, or on Facebook. We would be glad to help. (Want to learn more about shipping rates and practices? Visit our FAQ.)

December 16th: Last day for folks on the East Coast to place an order with UPS Ground ($8) as their shipping method with guaranteed delivery by
or on Friday, December 23rd. Don’t worry: you can still place an order and choose expedited shipping ($17-$55) for December 24th delivery up until the 23rd!

December 17th: We’re shipping UPS 2nd Day Air, Next Day Air, and International shipments, even though it’s a Saturday — UPS is working and that means we do too. For example: an order placed with Next Day Air shipping by 12:30pm on Saturday, December 17th will shipped on Saturday and received on Monday, December 19th, while an order placed with 2nd Day Air shipping will be received on Tuesday, December 20th. UPS Ground and 3 Day Select orders will ship on December 19th.

December 19th: Last day for folks in the Mid-West to place an order with UPS Ground as their shipping method with guaranteed delivery by or on December 23rd.

December 20th: Last day for those on the West Coast and in Colorado, Arizona, Wyoming, and Southern California to place an order with UPS Ground as their shipping method with guaranteed delivery by or on December 23rd. Note to East Coast folks: this is the last day to select UPS 3 Day Select shipping for guaranteed December 23rd delivery.

December 21st: In Northern Oregon or Washington State? This is your last day to order via UPS Ground for delivery on or by December 23rd. Everyone else can place orders with UPS 2nd Day Air as their shipping method and have guaranteed December 23rd delivery.

December 22nd: Everyone can place orders with UPS 2nd Day Air (make sure to ask for Saturday Delivery ($10 additional charge) in the comments box during checkout!) for December 24th delivery or Next Day Air for December 23rd delivery.

December 23rd: Last day to ship anywhere within the U.S. for December 24th delivery: you must select Next Day Air and Saturday Delivery ($10 additional charge for Saturday Delivery)

December 24th, 25th, and 26th: We will be closed. Have fun — that’s what we’ll be doing! All orders received over the holiday will ship Tuesday, December 27th.

P.S. This UPS Time in Transit map might also help you plan your order:
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firewatch: Packing Ultralight for China (Just the Synapse)

“Hello! I recently bought my first Tom Bihn bag: an olive/solar Synapse. I purchased it to take on a four-week trip to China. It was the only bag I took with me, which was a big change in my packing habits. I used to carry an old school-size backpack on short trips, and rolling luggage on long trips. The old backpack made my back feel awful, and rolling suitcases don’t mesh well with staircases. It was definitely time to try something new, and I was inspired by online articles and blogs to pack as little as possible.”

Read the full post by firewatch in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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Rands In Repose: A Bag of Holding

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“After six months of steady use of my Bihn backpack, not only do I understand why people love them, I also better understand the complete set of questions and requirements I have for a good bag.”

Read the full post at Rands in Repose.

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BeersandBeans Photo: Packing Cube Backpack in the Swiss Alps

src="" alt="BeersAndBeans Photo: Packing Cube Backpack in the Swiss Alps" width="450" height="450">

See a larger version of the above photo. The Beers & Beans Travel Site. And our Packing Cube Backpack.

Seattle Canine Extravaganza

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On Sunday, December 11th from 12-3pm at Paws-Abilities in Fife, Washington, the Pawsitive Alliance will host a Canine Christmas Extravaganza featuring adoptable dogs from over 20 rescue groups and shelters, workshops and pet supply vendors. You’ll also get the chance to buy a raffle ticket to win a Citizen Canine, with the money generated from the raffle benefiting the Pawsitive Alliance, whose vision is a happy and healthy home for every dog and cat in Washington State. Learn more about this great event at the Pawsitive Alliance website.

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Teaching “Sit” with treats and the Citizen Canine.

Update on the Travel Tray (first user photo)

The Travel Tray is now back in-stock after the first batch quickly sold out. Below is the first user photo of the Travel Tray by maverick:

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