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One Bag, One World Review: the Cadet

One Bag One World Gear Review: Tom Bihn Travel Tray

“I so hoped this bag would finally be the first poorly designed Tom Bihn bag. The one I could tear apart. The one I would find fault with. The one that would allow me to belittle a Tom Bihn creation.

But that didn’t happen. In fact, just the opposite. The faults I found with some of his other bags—flaps, lack of zippers—weren’t there.

Then they sent me one for review. I opened the box. I gave the Cadet a once over. I quickly realized that my hoped for creative, harsh, critical review would have to wait. This was a nice bag.

Darn you, Tom Bihn.”

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Update on Cadet pre-orders + more photos


First User Review of the Citizen Canine

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“Awesome! The front zippered pocket held my 3-year-old Samsung phone (so smaller than a smart phone, but in a faux leather case with a broken belt clip attachment on the back that sticks out), my driver’s license, health insurance card, $5, and lip balm. The treat section held a ziplock bag with Charlie Bears and two small Zuke’s treat bags. It sat nicely and comfortably on the waist strap on my hips, with the drawstring was partially open so that the treats wouldn’t fall out. Dang if that Dudley didn’t poop and didn’t give me chance to try the poop bag dispenser.

The only thing I couldn’t find room for were some tissues, and I think I just need to rearrange the DL and stuff to the smaller pocket in the back (body side) and put them in the larger pocket up front.

I’ve tried other bags, even one handmade for me by a nice woman in an obedience class many years ago, and none have worked as well as the Citizen Canine. I am completely gobsmacked by the bag–it’s so well designed and thought out, it’s clear Tom is a dog lover.”

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Photo: Brain Bag doubling as a camera bag in Provoo, Finland

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“Bought the Brain Bag for a two month trip to Finland, one I’m currently on. It is my fourth, no fifth, TB bag. (Not counting the shopping bag which is getting a workout here in Finland as well.) And it has performed superlatively. From schlepping multiple laptops for work on the train to navigating the streets of Tallinn as a camera/souvenir tote, it’s been great and comfortable. Needless to say I continue to be very pleased with your products.”
– Matthew