Dan Bransfield: Sketches from Italy

Artist Dan Bransfield traveled to Italy for 12 days with two bags: his Tri-Star and Co-Pilot.

Dan Bransfield's sketches of Italy

See more sketches from Dan’s trip.

About Dan BransfieldDan with his Field Journal Notebook.

The (Essential Item) Doodles Are In

Doodlers Anonymous challenged you to draw your most essential item, the thing you’d take with you if you could only bring along one thing. The submissions are in and now it’s time to vote for your favorite. The winner gets a Synapse 19 backpack.

TOM BIHN / Doodlers Anonymous doodles are in Just one of the 70 submitted doodles. See all of them at Doodlers Anonymous.

Louis claims the Aeronaut

Louis claims the Aeronaut (Jets Like Taxis)

Louis claims the Aeronaut. Follow Ang, Ryan, and Louis as they travel the world full-time and blog about it over at Jets Like Taxis.

Gene Marks: 10 Ways to Get Through the Airport Quickly

Tip #4
“Don’t check bags. Yes, I’m telling you to be one of those annoying guys with the shoulder bag and the roller bag (Me? I’ve got an awesome Tom Bihn bag that holds a week’s worth of clothes and fits anywhere). It’s not just about the baggage fees. It’s about time. Even if you have to check your bag at the gate, you’ll get it as you come off the plane and that takes way less time than waiting (hopefully) at baggage claim.”

Read the full article over at The Philly Post.

TOM BIHN Tri-Star carry-on bag

In stock: Synapse 19, Snake Charmer, Cache with Rails

Synapse 19, most colors (Steel Dyneema/Steel, Steel Dyneema/Ultraviolet and Steel Dyneema/Wasabi continue to be available for backorder with an expected shipping date of late June)

Cache with Rails, Size 1 (fits in the Brain Bag)
Cache with Rails, Air11 (Synapse 25, Synapse 19, Brain Bag)

Snake Charmer, all colors

Synapse with the Cache with RailsThe Synapse backpack with the Cache with Rails.

Doodlers Anonymous: The Essential Draw

The Essential Draw - Doodlers Anonymous

Doodlers Anonymous has a challenge for you: draw your most essential item, the thing you’d take with you if you could only bring along one thing. Submit your drawing and you’ll be entered to win a Synapse 19 backpack.

Our essentials:

Brad Choate: My work tools, 2013 edition

“From year to year my work tools change. So, periodically I like to capture the state of my work environment on my computer. I’m a software developer (both web and iOS) who dabbles in design. Here’s the latest snapshot:

Computer: 11” MacBook Air (Mid 2011) ($$$). My employer has provided me with this laptop, and it’s the best I’ve had. Can easily power the 27” Apple Cinema display I use with it every day and runs everything I need, from Photoshop to Xcode, even with the bevy of OS X menubar items I keep running. 4 GB goes a long way on this Mac. It travels in a Tom Bihn Ristretto ($$$) which holds my laptop and a 10” iPad easily.”

Read on over at Brad’s blog for his full list of work tools.

In stock: RFID Blocking Passport Pouch, Side Effect (some colors), more

Thanks to our crew, the following bags are back in stock and ship within one business day:

RFID Blocking Passport Pouch, all colors

Side Effect in colors Steel Dyneema/Wasabi, Wasabi Dyneema/Wasabi, and Aubergine/Wasabi
Other colors — Black/Iberian, Black/Wasabi, Black/Steel, and Navy/Iberian — will ship soon.

Horizontal Brain Cell, Size 13″ MacBook Pro Retina
Horizontal Brain Cell, Size 6X

Citizen Canine, all colors

TOM BIHN Smart Alec backpack with the Side EffectThe Smart Alec backpack in Black/Black/Steel with the Side Effect in Steel Dyneema/Wasabi tethered to the bag via a Key Strap in Wasabi.

Mary Ann Peters, the artist featured in our Everyday video

Several of you have asked us about the artist carrying the Swift in Cork featured in our Synapse 25, Swift, Ristretto: Everyday video. Her name is Mary Ann Peters and she’s based in Seattle; her work ranges from studio pieces to public art projects and installations (she’s currently working on a large glass art installation at the future Northgate light rail station.) Mary Ann’s work can also be seen at the James Harris Gallery.

You can view Mary Ann’s work on her website where there’s also a great video interview.

Mary Ann Peters

In stock: Brain Bag, iPad Cache, Packing Cubes, Yarn Stuff Sacks

Thanks to our amazing crew, the following bags are back in stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Brain Bag, all colors

Cache, Size iPad, Horizontal and Vertical

Tri-Star Packing Cubes

Yarn Stuff Sacks, all sizes and colors

TOM BIHN Made in USA Brain Bag BackpackThe Brain Bag in Olive.