In stock: Aeronaut, Yarn Stuff Sacks, 4Z Vertical Brain Cell

The Aeronaut is now in-stock in all colors: Navy/Iberian, Navy/Solar, Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Steel/Steel, Steel/Solar, and Steel/Ultraviolet.

All Yarn Stuff Sacks are now shipping.

The Size 4Z Vertical Brain Cell is now shipping.

Veritrope: A Tour of the New TOM BIHN Factory

“Walking around the factory, Tom and Darcy also talked about taking pride in growing good jobs for people, the joys of being able to immediately flesh out new concepts and projects, and being a part of an environment that they feel connected to (the Factory’s new location is near an estuary filled with the wildlife they love). In essence, they’ve built their business around two things: being able to make things that they’re proud of and being themselves.”

Read Justin’s entire post on Veritrope. It was great to meet Justin and Lauren and give them a tour of our factory. We could go on about how cool and smart and interesting they are, though we really just hope you get to meet them someday, too.
Kartika's Large Cafe bag at Halebid temple complex South India


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  • In stock: Brain Bag, Kit, Synapse, Breve, Crimson Key Strap, Packing Cubes

    Now shipping:

    Brain Bag in all colors: Black, Steel, Crimson, Olive, and Navy.

    Kit in all colors: Black, Steel, Kiwi, Navy.

    Synapse in all colors: Conifer/Steel, Plum/Solar, Olive/Solar, Navy/Solar, Black/Steel, Black/Ultraviolet, Steel/Steel, Ultraviolet Dyneema/Steel Dyneema, Iberian Dyneema/Steel Dyneema, and Steel Dyneema/Solar Dyneema.

    Breve in all colors: Black, Steel, and Kiwi.

    8″ Color Key Strap in Crimson (last chance to get one; when they’re gone, they’re gone.) All other colors are also in-stock.

    The Tri-Star Packing Cubes in sizes Medium and Large.

    In stock: Clear Organizer Wallet

    The Clear Organizer Wallet is now in-stock in all colors.

    src="" alt="TOM BIHN Clear Organizer Wallets in Cork, Ultrasuede, Kiwi, and Vulcana Hemp/Rubber." width="450" height="238">

    Available for pre-order: Synapse in Iberian, Steel Dyneema

    The Synapse is now available for pre-order in Steel/Solar Dyneema and Iberian/Steel Dyneema. It is expected to ship by mid-June.

    The TOM BIHN Synapse in Dyneema

    Daniel Beltrá’s SPILL: Images from the Gulf

    Daniel Beltrá's SPILL: Images from the Gulf

    We’re a fortunate company: among our customers are some of the most innovative, talented and accomplished people we’ve ever had the opportunity to meet.

    One of those customers is Daniel Beltra, an award-winning conservation photographer and member of the International League of Conservation Photographers (ILCP). You may have seen one of Daniel’s aerial photographs of the Gulf Oil Spill in Raffi Khatchadourian’s article, “The Gulf War”, in the March 14, 2011 edition of “The New Yorker.”

    An exhibit of Daniel’s photos from the Gulf Oil Spill — SPILL– Images from the Gulf — is featured at the Seattle Aquarium from April 20th – August 7th, and on May 5th, Daniel will take part in a discussion on health of the world’s oceans and marine life as part of the “Sound Discussions” series at the Seattle Aquarium.


  • A great article from Seattlest on Daniel’s career and the SPILL exhibit

  • Daniel Beltra Photography on Facebook
  • In stock: Ego, Size 1 Horizontal Brain Cell, iPad/iPad 2 Horizontal Cache

    Now shipping:

    The Ego messenger bag, all colors.

    The Size 1 Horizontal Brain Cell.

    The iPad/iPad 2 Horizontal Cache.

    In stock: Western Flyer, Clear Quarter Cube, iPad Cache, Large Cafe, more

    The Western Flyer is now in-stock and ready to ship in the following configurations:

    Rolling Luggage Handle Pocket version in Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Black/Solar (just a few left), Steel/Ultraviolet, Steel/Solar, Crimson/Steel (just a few left), and Indigo/Solar (just a few left.)

    Backpack Straps version in Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Steel/Solar, Steel/Ultraviolet, and Crimson/Steel (just a few left.)

    The Horizontal Brain Cell is back in-stock in sizes 6T, 2M, 2XL, and 3ST.

    The Vertical Brain Cell is back in-stock in sizes 1 and 4Z.

    The Size iPad Vertical Cache is back in-stock.

    The Clear Quarter Packing Cube in all colors, including Ultraviolet, is now in-stock.

    The Large Cafe Bag is back in-stock in all colors.

    In stock: Ristretto for 13″ Air/MBP, Medium Cafe Bag

    The Ristretto for the 13″ MacBook Air/MacBook Pro is now in-stock in all colors: Black/Steel, Cocoa/Cayenne, Steel/Wasabi, and Olive/Cayenne.

    The Medium Cafe Bag is now in-stock in all colors: Black/Steel, Black/Wasabi, Cocoa/Wasabi, Plum/Wasabi,

    In stock: Empire Builder, Yarn Stuff Sacks, Co-Pilot

    Now in-stock and shipping within one business day are the:

    Empire Builder in all colors: Black/Black/Steel, Black/Black/Wasabi, and Black/Steel/Steel.

    Yarn Stuff Sacks in all sizes and colors.

    The Co-Pilot is now shipping in colors Steel/Solar, Steel/Ultraviolet, and Black/Steel.