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In stock: Buzz, Checkpoint Flyer, Field Journal + more

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Checkpoint Flyer in Black/Cardinal

Field Journal Notebook


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Aeronaut Packing Cubes
Color Key Straps in Storm, Sapphire
Size 1 Vertical Brain Cell
Tri-Star in Forest/Steel, Forest/Ultraviolet, Cardinal/Steel


Your Friday Fortune

In stock: Tri-Star, Swift, 4Z Brain Cell, Small Cafe, more

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Tri-Star in Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Navy/Solar, Navy/Iberian, Steel/Ultraviolet, and Steel/Solar.

Swift, all colors: Cocoa/Olive, Olive/Plum, Olive/Linen, Plum/Black, Black/Black, Kiwi/Black, and Navy/Steel.

Size 4Z Horizontal Brain Cell

Small Cafe Bag, all colors: Olive/Wasabi, Black/Steel, Black/Wasabi, Cocoa/Wasabi, Plum/Wasabi, Navy/Cayenne, Linen/Steel, Linen/Olive, Crimson/Steel, and Conifer/Steel.

3D Clear Organizer Cube, all colors: Black, Steel, Indigo, Olive, Conifer, and Plum.

Swift in Cork


Design Features Explained: Aeronaut Grab Handles

Every week, we’ll post an entry by Tom explaining a design feature.

The grab handles at either end of the Aeronaut were designed to be in the right place at the right time. Specifically, they provide an inviting and obvious place to grab and give the Aeronaut a yank to extract it from an overhead compartment of a plane or other tight spot. They’re reinforced, so if you need to pull hard, go ahead, and because they’re padded, the whole process will be as comfortable for your hands as possible.
- Tom

TOM BIHN Design Features Explained: Aeronaut Grab Handles


The Setup: What does Mark Jardine use to get stuff done?

The Setup: What does Mark Jardine use to get stuff done?

The Setup is a collection of nerdy interviews, asking people from all walks of life about the software and hardware they use. Mark Jardine, known for his work at Tapbots, responds: “When I’m on the go, I choose between my second generation iPad or my 11” Macbook Air depending on the type of work I plan to get done. It’s a good thing they both fit into my tiny Tom Bihn Ristretto bag (though not at the same time). I also never forget my Shure SE530 earbuds to drown out the outside world.”


In stock: Aeronaut, Yarn Stuff Sacks, 4Z Vertical Brain Cell

The Aeronaut is now in-stock in all colors: Navy/Iberian, Navy/Solar, Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Steel/Steel, Steel/Solar, and Steel/Ultraviolet.

All Yarn Stuff Sacks are now shipping.

The Size 4Z Vertical Brain Cell is now shipping.


In stock: Brain Bag, Kit, Synapse, Breve, Crimson Key Strap, Packing Cubes

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Brain Bag in all colors: Black, Steel, Crimson, Olive, and Navy.

Kit in all colors: Black, Steel, Kiwi, Navy.

Synapse in all colors: Conifer/Steel, Plum/Solar, Olive/Solar, Navy/Solar, Black/Steel, Black/Ultraviolet, Steel/Steel, Ultraviolet Dyneema/Steel Dyneema, Iberian Dyneema/Steel Dyneema, and Steel Dyneema/Solar Dyneema.

Breve in all colors: Black, Steel, and Kiwi.

8″ Color Key Strap in Crimson (last chance to get one; when they’re gone, they’re gone.) All other colors are also in-stock.

The Tri-Star Packing Cubes in sizes Medium and Large.