dorayme’s visit to our factory

“I cannot effectively put into words my trip to Tom Bihn, meeting Tom, Darcy, Katy and Brian, seeing the team of the rest of the employees hard at work, my personal tour and shopping experiences. I will just say it was amazing!

My little family of bags has grown, and I have a even greater sense of satisfaction in my purchases knowing; the thought that goes into each one, the fact that they are made for an honest wage, the company really cares for its employees, the company’s philosophies are a part of how they operate, not lip service or an outward statement and lastly, I feel like I “get” Tom so much more now. The designs are worked over so thoroughly to ensure that the product that is delivered is one that is at it’s fullest potential. There is nothing half hazard in the process of design here.

I have personally made suggestions, and have seen many made for combinations of certain fabrics for certain bags and seen that there is no movement forward to produce said bag, the thing that we don’t see on the purchasing end is that many of them have already been made/tried and didn’t meet the standard of quality that Tom, and the team of employees puts into what the name Tom Bihn is labeled onto, so those options aren’t available. The same can be said for designs in progress.

It’s great to invest in this kind of all around quality and the products are worth it. They last through real use and time and come out on the other side often looking no worse for wear. Often looking even nicer from the patina of use!”

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Entrepreneur: 10 Brands That Can Help Make Business Travel More Bearable (TOM BIHN)

The Checkpoint Flyer puts us at #2 on Entrepreneur magazine’s list of the 10 Brands That Can Help Make Business Travel More Bearable.

Entrepreneur: 10 Brands That Can Help Make Business Travel More Bearable (TOM BIHN)

themacfanatic: The Tom Bihn Ristretto! – Initial Feelings

themacfanatic: The Tom Bihn Ristretto! – Initial Feelings

“The materials it is made with are top notch and the bag just looks incredible.  My fiance actually started laughing at me when she saw me open the box and watched as my eyes bulged out of my head!  I was just so impressed (and excited about the extra accessories!) by the initial look of the bag.”

Read the full review at themacfanatic. Discuss the review with Anthony, TheMacMan in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Jeff Mac posted this response to themacfanatic’s review:

“Nice quick review, I am looking forward to the video run through! You should be warned that Tom Bihn bags are like Lays Potato chips and you will NEVER be able to stop at one!

They also last forever, so while the up front cost is high… the actual cost of owning one is not.

I have not pounced on a Ristretto yet as I am fiddling with which lap top case they make will be perfect for me.”

(Surprisingly) Pleasant TSA Experience

teresapoet posted in the TOM BIHN Forums:

“I had a surprisingly pleasant TSA experience yesterday, even though it involved two items that needed to be inspected.

The first was my 16oz LifeFactory water bottle, which was zipped in the water bottle compartment of my Tri-Star. The agent said he saw what looked like a glass bottle but had to check to make sure it was empty. I was able to direct him to the appropriate pocket, he examined the bottle, and then tucked it back in.

Next he asked to look at the keys in my Small Cafe Bag (which I ran through the machine separately even though I was able to fit it into the Tri-Star for true one-bagging). My house and car keys were clipped into the Tri-Star, so I knew he was referring to the USB flash drive and tiny flashlight I have clipped to the end of a key strap. I was able to direct him to the correct Color Key Strap (other key straps lead to my organizer wallet, an organizer pouch, and my point-and-shoot camera in its case). He found them quickly, examined them, and ran the bag through the machine again with the keystrap outside of the bag.

The agent was extremely courteous and apologetic, making the experience better than most of the times when I’m not stopped! He also complimented my organization and commented on how it easy it was for him to find the things he needed to examine. Tom Bihn products make it easy!”

One Bag, One World Review: Guardian Dual Function Light

One Bag, One World Review of the Guardian Light

One Bag, One World Review of the Guardian Light

“The uniqueness of this light is the ability to keep it close and hands free. You can use the belt clip to attach it to your belt or strap of your messenger bag or backpack.”

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Test du sac de transport pour iPad Ristretto de Tom Bihn

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Practical Hacks: Keep your RFID passport data secure

Practical Hacks has an informative article on the newer U.S. passports that include a RFID (Radio-Frequency Identification) chip. The article has photographs and a description of our new RFID Blocking Passport Pouch.

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Restless Tech: Review of the Tri-Star

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“Final thoughts on the Tri-Star? It is insanely well made, attractive and has a sort of bete noir charm that makes me feel a bit like a 40′s film star when I carry it around. A thousand little touches of organization and forethought that have gone into details as small as handle placement on this bag. This almost guarantees that you will love this bag as much as those that made it obviously do.”

Read the entire review (with more photos) at Restless Tech. Discuss the review with its author, jeffmac, in the TOM BIHN Forums.. See also: the Tri-Star.

Thank you for saving my MacBook Pro!

We received this email from Sharon yesterday; we’re so glad that she and her husband survived this car crash without injury.

12 new photos of the TOM BIHN Brain Bag

“Darcy, Tom, & the rest of the Tom Bihn crew,

Thank you for saving my MacBook Pro!

My husband & I were in a terrifying auto wreck this weekend and the car rolled. We both had seatbelts on which saved our lives, but my ID Messenger was tossed around the car. Because I’ve been using a Brain Cell with the ID for years I never even thought twice about it. That afternoon I pulled out my laptop to show the family some pictures I’d been working on and their reactions made me realize that what I’d taken for granted was actually something astonishing. It had honestly never occurred to me that my computer might NOT be ok! I think my family was as shocked that the computer worked as I would have been if it hadn’t! LOL.

Seatbelts save lives and Tom Bihn saves computers!

Thank you!”

– Sharon

Defiant Musings: My Favorite Accessory or, I Love TOM BIHN

“I love this bag. I love this bag so much that I have used it nonstop since I bought it last fall and haven’t felt the urge to switch out or find a new one. As my husband will tell you, this is highly unusual as I have a closet full of abandoned bags. Some will too big, some too small, some awkward to carry, some too heavy, etc. But the Tom Bihn bag is just about perfect: the right number of pockets, a great strap, big enough to fit both MacBook Air and iPad, but not so big that things drown in it if I’m not carrying a computer, and a great color (I went with purple/wasabi, but they have a bunch of other color combinations).”

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