ACADEMIchic review: the Tri-Star

academichic review: the Tri-Star

“It’s been just about six years since my husband and I discovered Tom Bihn, a company making cleverly designed bags from US Ballistic nylon in Seattle, Washington. Since then, we’ve been devoted fans, especially of our carry-on Aeronaut bags.”
Read the entire review at ACADEMIchic. See also: the Tri-Star.

academichic review: the Tri-Star

iPhone J.D. Review: the Ristretto for iPad/iPad 2

iPhone J.D. Review: the TOM BIHN Ristretto for iPad

“If you are looking for a bag for your iPad to use to and from work every day and every time you travel, I encourage you to seriously consider spending the extra money for the Ristretto. It is fantastic.”
Read the full review at iPhone J.D.

iPhone J.D. Review: the TOM BIHN Ristretto for iPad

Feedback on the Aeronaut Grab Handle

In response to our post on the blog and Facebook featuring the grab handles on the end of the Aeronaut, you wrote:

“I sure appreciated both of them one time I had to hustle with the bag … I had the absolute strap across my body and kept the Aeronaut steady by holding on to the side handles. I was wearing a different backpack on my back, otherwise it would have been secured there!”

“I adore all the thought put into these awesome bags!”

“I can’t tell you how many times I’ve used all of those handles in various situations. My Aeronaut is my rock.”

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Update from dorayme on the Side Effect

“I totally thought I would primarily be using this as my handlebar bag, but I took it on my trip to Seattle as my micro purse and I haven’t stopped carrying it. See even while swinging wildly with my 12 year old niece it’s so securely attached that it’s become as close as a part of my body. I guess that’s just a Side Effect of a great bag!”

Read dorayme’s entire post in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Update from dorayme on the Side Effect

Ask Metafilter (answer might be TOM BIHN)

Click here to search for “TOM BIHN” in Ask Metafilter and find out what the Hive Mind has to say about our bags.

Ask Metafilter (answer might be TOM BIHN)

MobileTechReview: the Breve for iPad/iPad 2 (5 out of 5)

MobileTechReview: the Breve for iPad (5 out of 5)

Read the full review at MobileTechReview. See also: the Breve.

How long they’ve been using their bags

Roger sent us this email:
“I’ve had your Ego bag for about 7 years now, and I was thinking of replacing it. Then I took a careful look, and it shows almost zero wear! This despite my using it as my only briefcase, usually 7 days a week including car, airplane, and bike travel. It’s really phenomenal. The only reason to get a new bag would be boredom with the color scheme!”

And it inspired us to ask folks on Facebook how long they’ve been using their TOM BIHN bags.

Alexey: “I finally retired a Bihn day pack last year after TWENTY years of use. Replaced it with a Synapse…”

Katherine: “My oldest Bihn bag was bought in the fall of 1992, so pushing twenty-years-old. I think it’s one of the earliest messenger bags. It’s still in great condition.”

Read more answers — and post your own — on our Facebook page.

Quawkle: Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag (Ristretto)

“Last week I ordered the Ristretto for MBA from Tom Bihn and had it shipped 2nd Day Air via UPS. It arrived this past Tuesday and so far, I really love the bag. It holds both the MBA and the iPad with plenty of room for a small Tom Bihn bag for carrying cables, earphones, etc. In addition, there are a number of extra pockets and space for other accessories such as pens, clothes, etc.”

Read the full review at Quawkle.
Quawkle: Papa's Got a Brand New Bag (Ristretto)

Restless Tech Review: the Zephyr briefcase

“I can’t believe that I have to be the one to say this. Tom Bihn has got to be stopped. He needs to go down. His blatant disregard for the laws of physics and particularly the law of conservation of matter are deeply troubling. Newton and Einstein are rolling over in their graves because of him and I am sure that the physics task force will be knocking on his door very, very soon. Or maybe just Gene Roddenbery’s ghost will give him a call to figure out how he accomplishes it!

I mean, really…there is no possible way that you should be able to get this much stuff in a bag! I made the mistake of referring to the Zephyr as a Bag of Holding to my wife and now she knows what a nerd I was before she met me.”

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Restless Tech Review: the Zephyr briefcase

One Bag, One World Review: the Large Cafe Bag

One Bag, One World Review of the TOM BIHN Large Cafe Bag

“The Tom Bihn Large Cafe Bag is a multi-functional, multi-purpose bag that is good for daily use, business use (assuming you don’t work with people who wear three piece Brooks Brothers suits,) and for travel. It can hold an amazing amount and is now my “go to” bag for most journeys—near and far.”

Read the full review at One Bag, One World.

One Bag, One World Review of the TOM BIHN Large Cafe Bag