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SurfBits Review: Another Great Tom Bihn Briefcase, The Cadet

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“Whenever I review a Tom Bihn bag I receive feedback about the pricing. They are not inexpensive laptop cases. They are hand sewn, hand stitched and locally made superior luggage. Whether you’re looking for a laptop bag, an iPad bag, a briefcase, or maybe something larger, Tom Bihn has the perfect option. The only problem is this, choose carefully, you’ll probably own the one you purchase for many, many years to come.”


The Next Web review: Cadet is a rugged and refined winner

The Next Web review: Cadet is a rugged and refined winner
“I’ve been using the Cadet to port around my 11″ MacBook Air for the past several weeks and I’ve had a chance to put it through the wringer.”

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The Next Web review: Cadet is a rugged and refined winner


First feedback on the Cadet

First feedback on the Cadet:
“Quick Packing List:
13″ Macbook Air in Cache (Regular), 9×5 Ledger, iPad 1, Kindle, Medium Clear/Iberian Pouch, Clear Mini Pouch w/USB Cables, MBA Video Connector
Mouse, MBA Charger, Bottle of Water, Pens, Pencils, etc, Small writing notebook, Mini padded pouch for headphones, FoT pouch w/ hard drive
Solar Dyneema Small pouch with every audio cable/adaptor every necessary, USB Drive Pouch, Kitchen Sink, Stove, 12 person hot tub. ok. being silly now. Time for bed.

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First customer feedback on the Cadet

“Love the cell phone pocket, and the front organizational stuff. I managed to get my MBP Pro 13, an ipad in a case, a 7 inch android tablet in a ballistic case, a medium and two small TB pouches, Mac power supply, travel mouse and various pens and stuff all inside comfortably.”
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First customer feedback on the Cadet


GizmoFusion Review: the Super Ego

New Super Ego Photos

“Overall, we had not one single complaint with this bag, we love it. We highly suggest this bag to anyone looking for a really awesome and customizable bag. If we could give it a 10/5 review we would, but of course, the Tom Bihn Super Ego bag receives a 5/5 review. Well done!”
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Scott McMurren’s Favorite Travel Gear (Video)

Scott McMurren's Favorite Travel Gear (Video)
“The Brain Bag from Tom Bihn. This is a great backpack, with good padding for my laptop, a strap for the tripod, lots of pockets and S-t-u-r-d-y!”

Watch the video.

Scott McMurren's Favorite Travel Gear (Video)


“Don’t think your average laptop bag would have survived the trip.”

Here’s some recent feedback we’ve received via email.

“Dear Tom Bihn,
My husband and I have just returned from just under one month on west coast USA and in Canada, where we travelled only with one carry-on
Aeronaut bag each, plus a small shoulder bag (for this I had one of your backpacks, the one that actually fits into the Aeronaut if required, in which I stowed my handbag, plus reading material and extra clothing for the plane trips). We are in our mid-60s. For packing our Aeronaut bags we each used one large Packing Cube and two small ones. I did some careful selection of clothes ahead of time and we managed fine! It was a liberating experience and we are now getting ready for a trip to South America travelling the same way. None of our friends can understand how we managed it. I told them you need to have, first, the right head-set – who cares if you don’t have multiple changes of clothes, as long as they are easily washed – and second, the correct luggage. Thanks heaps!

“I’ve had my Small Cafe Bag for just over a week, and it’s fantastic. Just exactly what I was looking for – bag big enough to handle a few small electronic devices (camera, phone) plus a bit more, but not too small, and not so big that it’s just a messenger bag. I love the quality, the little rings inside, the zippered front pocket, the back slash pocket, and the color (black/wasabi). Just wanted to say a big thank you to you all.”
– Steve

“I recently became an owner of a Tom Bihn Super Ego (my first ever TB bag) and I have to say I love it! I carry it everyday to work and even when I pop out to the shops and never complain about it. I even pack in the 2XL brain cell with my Dell Studio 17 …. even when I don’t need to. I had my friend’s 8 week old kittens scrambling all over it with their claws and there isn’t a single loose thread or tear anywhere. The most rigorous use has been to a War Re-enactor’s show where I wore it (with a laptop inside) for 5 hours straight. I made use of the sidebelt but other than that it was fairly comfy. I don’t think your average laptop bag would have survived the trip (or my shoulder). I was also impressed with the box that my Super Ego arrived in. firstly, because you shipped it to England within 7 days! Thats faster than some of the UK national postal companies. Secondly, because it was in a box. When I’ve bought bags and pouches on-line, the retailer tends to stuff the pouches all inside the bag and then fold the bag into as small a space as possible before shipping out to the customer. This deforms the bag to such a degree that creases remain, which I find really annoying. It also makes me wonder just how much they care about their customers. Additionally, all the plastic wrapping and paperwork is also removed. Admittedly, this all saves weight and space but sometimes I do wonder if I have been sold a returned/second hand item. I was amazed to see the Super Ego, Brain Cell, Freudian Slip and Snake Charmer lying in pristine condition in the TB box (oh brown container of lovelies) with all the tags present and accounted for. I think the freudian slip still has the tag attached!

Anyhoo, just wanted to say I think the bag is excellent and I can’t stop showing it off to all my mates! Thought you might like to know that the 2XL Horizontal Brain Cell fits my dell Studio 17 with the extended battery.”
– K.