Brian Stowell: Tom Bihn Smart Alec packing for tour photo

Brian Stowell: TOM BIHN Smart Alec packing for tour photo

Photo by Brian Stowell. Read more in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Smart Alec (Steel Solar) w/ Brain Cell & Snake Charmer

– 1 Macbook Pro 13″ (kept in Brain Cell)
– Canon Rebel XT w/ 17-70mm lens attached (not pictured because it’s taking the pictures!)
– 2 zip up hoodies (One for wearing, one to wrap around my camera to keep it safe)
– 1 external hard drive w/ USB cable & case (for music and photo storage)
– 1 power strip
– first aid kit (tylenol, advil, bandaids, etc)
– sunglasses w/ case
– passport (I keep it tucked inside the small pocket on the front of the Brain Cell)
– stack of business cards
– 1 poncho (for emergencies!)
– 2 ball point pens
– Earbuds
– 1 medium sized notebook
– toothbrush w/ case
– earplugs

Snake Charmer – in which I keep:

– computer charger
– iPhone charger
– camera battery charger
– 2 camera batteries
– 2 CompactFlash cards
– camera transfer hub
– 1 external hard drive (for Time Machine back ups)
– 2 USB cables
– 1 screen cleaning cloth

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