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My Brain Bag was broken in on my last flight from Houston to New Delhi, with a layover in Frankfurt. I flew Lufthansa, and was a little nervous due to the stricter limits of European airlines. Needless to say from the pictures below… that didn’t keep me from overpacking! That baby weighed 35.6 lbs – over half the weight of one piece of checked baggage – and the Lufthansa crew didn’t bat an eye.

TOM BIHN Brain Bag with three laptops and a DSLR

Okay, now here’s all the stuff I managed to fit in it:

Macbook Pro 13″ inside of a Brain Cell
Macbook Pro 13″
HP Elite Laptop
2 Portable Hard Drives (inside the pink bag)
Wireless Mouse (inside the Eagle Creek bag)
2 Macbook Pro chargers
1 HP Charger
A bundled mess of other chargers, cables, locks, headphones, etc.
Freudian Slip stuffed with papers
Nikon D5000 w/ 50 mm lens
1 55 – 200 mm lens
1 35 – 55 mm lens
1 grey hoody