jppreston: Round the World with a Synapse 25

“This is what is going into my Synapse 25 for my upcoming trip around the world. As I mentioned in my review, the S25 is the perfect travel backpack. Everything goes in with a little room to spare.”

Around the world with a Synapse 25

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Synapse at the top of Mt. Fuji

“From the top of Mt. Fuji with the sunrise in the background — a friend used my Tom Bihn Synapse to help supplement a larger hiking-specific pack for the climb. Filled to capacity, extremely comfortable, and my friend’s first experience with Tom Bihn!”

Synapse at the top of Mt. Fuji

Photo by Jon ‘Geo’ Camp. See the original here. See also: the Synapse 19.

So many notebooks…

With the Synapse 19.

New #TomBihn packing cube backpack love it

With the Packing Cube Backpack.

roadpotato: Synapse 25 Maiden Voyage

Synapse 25: Maiden Voyage

“Here’s an initial review of my first adventure with the steel dyneema/wasabi Synapse 25. Shout out to dorayme for her wonderful comparison shots of the 19 and 25. I do a week or less trips, at least twice a month and a total sucker for backpacks. I can manage with a 15 liter pack for a 2-day trip. The cavernous S25 was perfect for the 3-4 days mix of business and leisure. I believe I can do a week with just the S25 (excluding cold weather areas).”

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Synapse 25, working on a tan in Palau

Synapse 25, working on a tan in Palau

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Franco: Brain Bag in Europe

Brain Bag in Europe

Thanks to Franco for posting this photo in our Forums. See also: the Brain Bag.

Eugene Eric Kim: Bags for Micro Four Thirds Cameras

Tom Bihn Bags for Micro Four Thirds Cameras

“I’m brand loyal to very few companies, but one of them is Tom Bihn, a Seattle-based company that makes beautiful, functional bags. I bought my first Tom Bihn bag in 2008, and I have consistently bought new bags (for different purposes — these things are designed to last forever) approximately every two years. I also have a boatload of accessories. They are not cheap, but they are high-quality, they look great, and they are superbly functional. I cannot recommend them highly enough.”

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Trusty Travel Companions

Synapse in Korea