shawnblanc: Patrick Welker’s Sweet Mac Setup

Patrick Welker’s Sweet Mac Setup

Shawn Blanc interviews Patrick Welker, a freelance graphic and web designer living in Germany, about his setup — everything from office chairs to Macs to water filters — and why he uses what he does to get his work done.

Of his bag — the Ristretto for 11″ MacBook Air — Patrick says:
“When I’m on the road I use a messenger bag to carry my MacBook and iPad. I choose to go with the Ristretto from Tom Bihn despite the high shipping costs and customs tax that are due when importing something from the United States. The bag is equipped with the fantastic Absolute Shoulder Strap and a lot of their nifty pouches and leashes. Ninety percent of the times when I leave the house I travel with my bike, and due to Tom Bihn’s Guardian Dual Function Light I feel a lot safer when riding in the dark.”

Patrick Welker’s Sweet Mac Setup

Above? Patrick’s health appliances. He explains: “When you live and work all day long within a tight space and share it with another person, my belief is that the room you choose needs to have a feel good atmosphere. Moreover, if it is a home office you have the permission to go nuts. To conclude, for me this means transforming my workspace into a whimsical little world with a touch of kawaii.”

Read the full interview with Patrick Welker over at Shawn Blanc’s blog.

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Legal Nomads: World Travel Resources

Legal Nomads World Travel Resources

Jodi Ettenberg quit her job in 2008 to travel the world. Five years later, she’s still traveling, and has compiled a list of the top tips, tricks and resources she’s learned in that time. That’s everything from advice on pre-trip planning and insurance to what clothing to take to bags. Jodi’s bag? The Synapse 19. Of it, she says: “I went through a slew of different daypack options over my 5 years of travel but have ended up with a 19L Synapse bag from Tom Bihn. It’s small but holds more than you would think, it is really well built and they even have a safety whistle on the sternum strap. Friends recommended them heartily and I tried them out only in 2012, but I’m very happy with my purchase.”

More: World Travel Resources @ Legal Nomads

Legal Nomads World Travel ResourcesThe Synapse 19 backpack.

In stock: Packing Cube Backpacks, Ristretto for iPad, more…

Ristretto for iPad, all colors

Western Flyer Packing Cubes

Packing Cube Backpack (Tri-Star/Western Flyer), all colors

Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut), Steel, Iberian, and Ultraviolet (Wasabi ships by early July)

Clear Quarter Packing Cube, Steel, Iberian, and Ultraviolet (Wasabi ships by late July)

Size 5 Horizontal Brain Cell

Vertical Freudian Slip

Kindle Fire/Keyboard Pouch

Travel Stuff Sacks, all sizes and colors except for the Size 2 Travel Stuff Sack in Steel which is available for backorder and ships by early July.

Synapse 25 in some colors: Black/Wasabi, Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Navy/Iberian, Navy/Ultraviolet, Olive/Steel, Steel Dyneema/Steel, and Nordic Dyneema/Steel. All other colors ship by mid-late June.

Cache with Rails, all sizes

TOM BIHN Vertical Freudian SlipThe Vertical Freudian Slip.

Everyday Commentary on the Synapse 25

“The short summary of this review is simple: this is the benchmark backpack on the market today…. The Synapse 25 is the perfect backpack.”

Read the full review (with many great photos) at Everyday Commentary.

Everyday Commentary reviews the Synapse 25 backpack

Every Day Commentary on the Synapse 25

marley_bear: One-bagging it in Asia…and loving it. #tombihn #aeronaut

marley_bear one bags it

Instagram photo by @marley_bear
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Dan Bransfield: Sketches from Italy

Artist Dan Bransfield traveled to Italy for 12 days with two bags: his Tri-Star and Co-Pilot.

Dan Bransfield's sketches of Italy

See more sketches from Dan’s trip.

About Dan BransfieldDan with his Field Journal Notebook.

papids2000: Return to the Philippines with Tom Bihn

Return to the Philippines with Tom Bihn

Return to the Philippines with Tom Bihn

“We have just returned from a 3 week trip to the Philippines to attend my sister-in-law’s wedding and with us came the Tri-Star, Western Flyer, Synapse 19 and the backpack and shoulder cube bags.

First let me say tat the flight back and forth there involved 5 flight transfers and on every flight (even on the smallest plane) the Western Flyer and Tri-Star fit underneath our seats. You might ask where did I put the Synapse 19on the planes? I placed it in the middle compartment of the Tri-Star (empty and flat except for Ipad Mini and a 2 phones and wires) and it fit perfectly. We did not did any heavy clothes since it is so hot there (except for a gown for the misses and long dress pants for me since we were in the wedding. All other dress clothing was rented for the occasion when we got there.

The Synapse 19 was the perfect bag for EDC as the jeepneys, vans, and Tricycles as they are all to crowded to be getting in and out of with a larger day bag. The packing cube backpack was used as our grocery bag at the markets and the shoulder packing cube was my wife’s only purse.”

Read the full post (with more great photos) by papids2000 in the Forums.

Video: the Tri-Star

One bag travel with our Tri-Star carry-on bag.

The Alien Pebble: Tom Bihn’s Brain Bag Survives Law School

“So far I have told you about the immediately measurable attributes of the Brain Bag such as size/volume, simplicity in design and the ability to get a straight black colored Brain Bag. However, the durability element had really been speculation based on reviews I read on the internet, and based on supposed typical use of the backpack. After over three years of being put through-the-ringer, I can confidently say that the durability of the Brain bag is superb. It has survived LSAT prep, numerous trips (usually the only thing I take when I travel), and most importantly 3 years of law school. It has withstood the attempted destruction of con-law textbooks and saved me the ire of being the full-blown-travel-luggage toting law student.”

Read the full review at the Alien Pebble (many great photos). See also: the Brain Bag.

Tom Bihn's Brain Bag Survives Law School and More

autolycus on the Smart Alec and its Modular Pockets

autolycus on the Smart Alec and its Modular Pockets

“I’ll add a couple of other notes about the lower modular pocket that might not be obvious from these photos: First, even on the dyneema version, the bottom and “back”–the side that is against the Smart Alec–are black cordura to match the pattern of the Smart Alec itself. Second, there is a small pocket against the “back”, mirroring the inside pouch of the Smart Alec. Nice design touches to have the lower modular pocket mirror the main bag in such a way.”

Read the full post by autolycus in the Forums. See also: the Smart Alec and Smart Alec Modular Pockets & Straps.