Recoram on the Ristretto

Recoram on the TOM BIHN Ristretto

“Sometimes (well, most of the time, actually), you prefer not to carry a behemoth of a laptop bag, especially if you’re only going to the local café to do a bit of work web surfing. Plus, if you plan on doing something else later and don’t want to leave your computer in your car (bad idea), you want something that travels light and looks good. The Tom Bihn Ristretto 13″ fits Macbook Pro or MacBook Air perfectly. Fully padded for protection, the Ristretto 13 is also lined with soft brushed tricot to bathe your precious machine in softness, and the asymmetric flap that covers the main compartment secures with a one-handed buckle. There’s also a water repellent zipper on the convenient front pouch that holds your phone, wallet, etc.. And lest you think the Ristretto is too compact, there’s also plenty of room for your power cord, sunglasses and other chargers. Never short on versatility, Tom Bihn added three O-rings, one key strap, a shoulder strap and a fully removable waist strap (should you need to get around with your bike or go truly unencumbered). We love what Tom Bihn is doing for travel and transport. Everything they make is done here in the USA and made with some of the best quality we’ve ever seen.”

Read more at Recoram. See also: the Ristretto.

Block Party at the TB Seattle Factory: You’re Invited

Every year, we get together with our neighbors here at our Seattle factory to take part in a summer block party — and you’re invited. We’ll be serving Bee Pollen Ice Cream (and maybe Honey Ice) from the local Several Gardens Farm, talking about bags, talking about things other than bags, and just having a good time. It’s also a chance for you to meet our awesome neighbors (Grand Image, 3form LightArt, Two Beers, Resolute, and others).

Thursday, July 18th from 5:00pm – 8:30pm
TOM BIHN Factory: 4750A Ohio Ave S, Seattle, 98134
And we think we covered the why part, but we’ll just say it one more time: Bee Pollen Ice Cream.

P.S. Our Seattle Factory Showroom/store will be open that day from 10:00am – 8:30pm.

You're invited to our block partySampling the test batch of Bee Pollen Ice Cream. Best ice cream we’ve ever had, made with Several Gardens Farm’s own honey and bee pollen.

Video: Packing the Smart Alec for a hike

Bags + accessories:
Smart Alec in Black/Black/Wasabi
Vertical Brain Cell, Size 15-inch MacBook Pro Retina (unclipped/removed in the beginning)
8-inch Utility Strap
14-inch Utility Strap
Travel Stuff Sack, Size 4, Wasabi
Travel Stuff Sack, Size 3, Steel
Travel Stuff Sack, Size 2, Iberian
Whistle Sternum Strap Half in Bright Orange

Packing List:
Wool hat
First Aid Kit
Emergency Blanket
Emergency Fire Starter Kit
Multitool (tethered to an 8-inch Utility Strap)
Flashlight (tethered to a 14-inch Utility Strap)
Rain/snow pants (in a Travel Stuff Sack, Size 4, Wasabi)
Water filter (in a Travel Stuff Sack, Size 3, Steel)
Stove fuel
Burner (in a Travel Stuff Sack, Size 2, Iberian)
Mountain House “Chicken and Rice” and Natural High “Brownies”
Hand warmers
Hydration bladder
Bobo’s Oat Bar
Whistle Sternum Strap Half in Bright Orange

Zero’s new Smart Alec (photos)

Zero's new Smart Alec

See more of Zero’s photos in the Forums. See also: the Smart Alec.

Miking: Bugging out with the Aeronaut

“Using the Aeronaut as a “bug out” bag, my neighborhood was ordered to evacuate last night due to flooding and the Aeronaut sprung into action! quickly swallowing up a weeks worth of clothes, toiletries, gadgets, a few valuables, a portable water filter and a few other essentials.”

Aeronaut Bug Out Bag

Follow Miking’s thread in the Forums to learn more about the Calgary floods and what you can do to help.

Sketch by Dan Bransfield: Yarn Stuff Sack

Yarn Stuff Sack by TOM BIHN as sketched by the artist Dan BransfieldThe Yarn Stuff Sack as sketched by artist Dan Bransfield.

Welcome back, Solar

TOM BIHN Travel Tray in SolarTravel Tray in Solar.

We retired the Solar color of our ultralight 200d Dyneema/nylon ripstop fabric to introduce Wasabi; you lamented its passing. You told us how much you missed it and we listened — Solar is back. (Those of you who favor Wasabi have no reason to fear: it’s not going anywhere.) You won’t see Solar (or our other Dyneema/nylon colors: Wasabi, Steel, Ultraviolet, Iberian) anywhere else: it’s a color chosen by us and custom-dyed to our specifications by the mill we work with in Japan.

In stock and ready to ship:
Travel Tray, Solar

Available for pre-order and ships by late June:
Co-Pilot in colors 400 Steel Dyneema/Solar Dyneema, Navy/Solar

Available for pre-order and ships by mid-July:
Side Effect in colors Solar Dyneema/Solar, Navy Solar

Available for pre-order and ships by late July:
Clear Quarter Packing Cube, Solar
Shop Bag, sizes Small and Large, Solar
16″ Key Strap, Solar
Synapse 19 in colors Steel Dyneema/Solar Dyneema, Navy/Solar

Available for pre-order and ships by early August:
Smart Alec in Black/Black/Solar
Tri-Star in colors Black/Solar, Navy/Solar

Available for pre-order and ships by mid-August:
Travel Stuff Sack, all sizes, Solar
3D Dyneema Organizer Cube, Solar
3D Clear Organizer Cube, Solar
3D Mesh Organizer Cube, Solar
Yarn Stuff Sacks, Solar, all sizes
Aeronaut in colors Black/Solar, Navy/Solar

Available for pre-order and ships by late August:
Synapse 25 in colors Steel Dyneema / Solar Dyneema, Navy/Solar

TOM BIHN Co-Pilot in Navy/SolarCo-Pilot in Navy/Solar.

TNW: Synapse 25 is the best (and maybe last) backpack you will ever buy

“Suffice it to say, I travel with a lot of stuff, even for short trips. But the Synapse 25 accepted everythingng that I had and still had plenty of space left for more. Heavy? Sure. But Tom Bihn’s more vertical design of the 25 does an amazing job of stabilizing the weight of the bag, instead of having it feel like you’re going to tip backwards at any given point.”

Read the full review by Brad McCarty at The Next Web.

TNW reviews the TOM BIHN Synapse backpack

New: Motto Water Bottle

If it doesn't fit in your knapsack, leave it behind.

“If it doesn’t fit in your knapsack, leave it behind.”

$20. BPA-free coated aluminum water bottle made by Liberty Bottleworks in Yakima, WA. In stock and ready to ship.

“Can’t imagine travel without it anymore!”

Can't imagine to travel without it anymore!

Tweeted by @Ik_Bennett: “just returned from my first (6d) trip with my aeronaut. Can’t imagine to travel without it anymore!”