Tizi’s Small Cafe Bag at Lake Chelan

Tizi's Small Cafe Bag at Lake Chelan


“Decided to try my Small Cafe Bag on the boat. Held everything I need and more. Perfect day on Lake Chelan, WA.” — Tizi

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One bag (Synapse) for a weekend in the Maldives

“Just came back from a weekend trip in the Maldives with my girlfriend. I decided to pack light and just brought the Synapse 19. Worked fine with room to spare. Thought I’d share some pictures.”
Posted by knifed in the Forums.

Synapse 19 in the Maldives

Synapse 19 backpack for a weekend in the Maldives

3x3x365: Emma’s new bag (and box art)

Emma's new TOM BIHN bag + box art

3x3x365 is three friends in three states sharing one photo every day. This photo of Emma is by the (awesome) Patti Digh (Asheville, NC; Emma’s mom). Patti likes raw fennel, kind people, cardamom lollipops, and the smell of lavender. She spends her free time watching movies starring Johnny Depp. p.s. She likes to laugh. A lot.

Patti writes:
“I love Tom Bihn bags. Sturdy, practical, beautiful.
I ordered one for Emma to take to London this summer
(she leaves Thursday on her excellent adventure!)
and on the order form, I wrote that it was going to London with her.
Imagine our delight when the box arrived,
complete with a hand drawn London on the front of it.

That is what customer delight looks like.”

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hibell: Synapse on Kauai

hibell and the synapse in kauai

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The Brooks Review: Clear Organizer Pouches Make Great iPad Mini Stashes

“I was packing up the diaper bag for the day today, and realized that I should bring a battery backup charger for my iPhone, which meant a cable too. And since I was at it why not grab the iPad mini in case an opportunity to use it provides itself. Normally this crap would have just been floating around in the the diaper bag, but then I had a thought. Why not use a Tom Bihn clear organizer pouch to store everything in. Bingo.”

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“The man bag done right”

The man bag done right

The Ristretto modeled by @mattmedeiros; photo tweeted by @stylebytiffani

Jess on the Synapse: Style/Maturity meet Efficiency/Comfort

Jess emailed us this review of her Synapse 19:

Dear Customer Service rep at Tom Bihn,

I hope this note finds you well! I just received my first Tom Bihn backpack, the Synapse 19 in black and wasabi, and I am writing to thank you and all of your fellow employees for working for and supporting a company that really knows how to design a bag. I am 28, a woman graduate student at Yale University studying Biochemistry of biofuels. I wear makeup to a polished finish on my face with a labret stud to match, I also care about having the right color-coordinating clothes and cute shoes, but on my left hand I don a calculator watch. Maybe those aren’t the perfect examples, but I appreciate when style and maturity meets efficiency and comfort. Also, you can guess I don’t wear a purse or have a shoulder bag. My daily commute consists of driving, taking the train, followed by city biking and sometimes a shuttle. It is a commute that needs a bag to suit it.

The Synapse 19 is the most ergonomically, well though out designed backpack I have ever seen and worn. I adore the flexibility of all of the well positioned loops that are found in every pocket fast organization, less digging, and I can’t wait to get mini carabineers to hook up coiled power cords or to hang my rock climbing shoes on the outside. The way that the laptop sleeve slides out on its tracks while staying attached is genius. I did not realize it can be used as its own anchor when placed underneath the laptop, letting the empty bag hang conveniently down the side of my lap or small table. The pocket designs are genius as well, the little shallow pouch on the front is perfect for my small wallet and train pass, and the soft-lined pocket in one of the side pouches takes care of my glasses. I love the flexibility of removing and storing extra straps easily for low-key commutes, although they come in super useful when sprinting to catch a train.

All in all, I love my backpack and wanted to thank you.

– Jess, 28, a scientist who commutes to her lab at Yale by car, train and bike.

holoholo: TB on Kauai

holoholo - TOM BIHN bags in Kauai

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EricSB: Synapse 25 is currently my favorite pack… (photos)

The Synapse 25 is EricSB's current favorite backpack

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SMH: Fifty things we love about travel right now

The Aeronaut made the Sydney Morning Herald’s list of the “Fifty things we love about travel right now”

“The Bear Grylls of carry-on bags, this tough, stylish and lightweight nylon bag sneaks in under the maximum dimensions yet holds a whopping 45litres. It has no wheels, however, and the $US250 ($261) price tag limits its appeal to demanding frequent flyers with a penchant for quality engineering. See tombihn.com. MG”

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50 things to love about travel right nowAeronaut in China.