Andy Chen’s Everyday Carry Bag

Andy Chen's EDC Bag

Read on at The Gadgeteer for a detailed list of what Andy carries in his Ristretto for iPad.

ScottE22: The Western Flyer & Cadet: A Tale of Two Trips

“My first outing with my new kit was a one-nighter to SLC last week. Unsurprisingly, the WF/Cadet combo fared well. But I was very curious how the pair would hold up this week on a 3-night trip to rural Idaho that involves two flights on CRJ200 jets and one short hop on a EMB 120 (the latter being a teeny, 30-passenger prop plane in which overhead bin space is practically non-existent). This was a bit of an outlier for me as most of my travel is for 1-2 nights and on larger jets like 737s.”

The Western Flyer & Cadet: A Tale of Two Trips

Read the full post by ScottE22 in the Forums. See also: the Western Flyer and Cadet.

thedailyblur: Four presentations. Three days. Too easy.

Four presentations. Three days. Too easy. Thanks, TOM BIHN.

“Four presentations. Three days. Too easy. Thanks, @tombihn!”
@thedailyblur (Tim Miles)

Tim’s bags: the Tri-Star in Cardinal and Co-Pilot in Black.

Mary Ann Peters, the artist featured in our Everyday video

Several of you have asked us about the artist carrying the Swift in Cork featured in our Synapse 25, Swift, Ristretto: Everyday video. Her name is Mary Ann Peters and she’s based in Seattle; her work ranges from studio pieces to public art projects and installations (she’s currently working on a large glass art installation at the future Northgate light rail station.) Mary Ann’s work can also be seen at the James Harris Gallery.

You can view Mary Ann’s work on her website where there’s also a great video interview.

Mary Ann Peters

The Man’s Man: Synapse 25 review

The Man's Man reviews the Synapse 25

“Over here at The Man’s Man we are sold on the packs that Tom Bihn puts out. Tom Bihn (the man) has been designing packs for more than 40 years and he feels a personal responsibility to put out a product that is unique, looks good, lasts long, and fills a niche that no one else has filled. He’s doing an excellent job at fulfilling this purpose. These packs are functional and quality made.

After using the Smart Alec pack for the last 5 months for everyday carry and day trips we were really excited to get our hands on the newest pack from the guys at Tom Bihn.”

Read the full review at The Man’s Man. See also: the Synapse 25.

Video: the Side Effect

Starring Lulu (Quality Assurance) and Scott (Shipping Lead and editor of this video) and shot on location in our Seattle factory.

Think of the Side Effect as a deluxe, tricked out, fully organizable 3D Organizer Cube. The main compartment zips with two sliders; inside the main compartment are two O-rings set dead center and two open-top organizer pockets sized for your phone, a small notebook, or a wallet. The open space in the main compartment can fit larger items: 8-oz water bottle, small camera, sunglasses, power supplies, souvenirs. And it can be carried four different ways: via the included 5/8″ Shoulder Strap, the optional Waist Strap, optional Handle Loop, or clipped inside of a larger bag via a Key Strap.

In stock: Brain Bag, iPad Cache, Packing Cubes, Yarn Stuff Sacks

Thanks to our amazing crew, the following bags are back in stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Brain Bag, all colors

Cache, Size iPad, Horizontal and Vertical

Tri-Star Packing Cubes

Yarn Stuff Sacks, all sizes and colors

TOM BIHN Made in USA Brain Bag BackpackThe Brain Bag in Olive.

Video: the Smart Alec backpack

Nik’s Smart Alec:
Black/Black/Steel with the Glowire in Lime Green. Included reflective bungee attached.

Chris’s Smart Alec:
Black/Steel/Steel with two 1″ GateKeeper Straps.

Ayva’s Smart Alec:
Black/Aubergine/Wasabi with Upper Modular Pocket in Aubergine, Lower Modular Pocket in Aubergine.

The new Synapse 19

The recently introduced Synapse 25 wasn’t simply a larger version of the Synapse 19 — it also debuted five new design updates to the Synapse design. Four of those design updates have now been added to the Synapse 19 (the original size of Synapse.) If you already have or plan to place a backorder for the Synapse 19, rest assured that you’ll receive the new version.

The design updates include:

Webbing Loops for Cache with Rails system: Inside the main compartment are four unobtrusive webbing loops, two fore and two aft, to which you can secure the optional Cache with Rails (available in sizes specifically for Apple laptops and the iPad; most sizes fit PCs, too). When you add the Cache with Rails, the Synapse 19 becomes a “checkpoint-friendly” laptop backpack. You can even attach two laptops or devices inside the Synapse 19 (note that only one can qualify as “checkpoint-friendly” at the airport; for everyday use, it’s great). Note that all sizes of Cache with Rails fit in the Synapse 19 with the exception of the Cache with Rails, Size 4Z (for the 15″ MacBook Pro) which only fits in the larger Synapse 25.

Bottom Pocket Piping: The bottom pocket is now piped to help it keep its shape, even when empty.

Bottom Webbing Loop: Because we care about your safety, we’ve added a 1.5″ / 38 mm webbing loop on the exterior bottom of the Synapse 19 that’s ready to accept the Guardian DF Light Strap-Mount — highly recommended if you ride a bicycle or walk in the dark.

More O-rings: Yes, we listen — we’ve added several more O-rings to the Synapse 19, including one O-ring each in the water bottle pocket and top exterior front pocket.

Wondering what the design update was that we included in the Synapse 25 but not the 19? The reconfigured organizer pockets in the left front side pocket. In the Synapse 25 left side pocket, there’s one pen/pencil slot and two wider slots for multitools/knives. In the Synapse 19, we chose to keep the three existing pen/pencil slots just as they were.

The new Synapse 19. $160. Colors Black/Steel, Black/Iberian, Black/Wasabi, Conifer/Steel, Olive/Steel, Indigo/Steel, Navy/Iberian, Navy/Ultraviolet, Nordic Dyneema/Steel, Steel Dyneema/Wasabi, Steel Dyneema/Steel are available for backorder and ship by late May. Color Steel Dyneema/Ultraviolet is available for backorder and ships by late June.

Photos of the new Synapse 19 will be posted soon.

Documentally: Packed for Eight Days in the Tri-Star

Documentally: packed for eight days in the Tri-Star

“Just packed eight days clothing and documenting equipment into the @TomBihn Tri-Star