In stock: Synapse 25, Packing Cubes, Small Cafe + more

Thanks to our Seattle crew, the following bags are now in stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Aeronaut Packing Cubes

Small Cafe Bag, all colors

Cache with Rails, all sizes

Synapse 25, all colors but Navy/Iberian and Steel Dyneema/Wasabi, which are available for backorder and ship by late June.

The new Side Effect is ready to ship in Wasabi Dyneema/Wasabi. Other colors — Black/Steel and Black/Iberian are new and available for pre-order while Black/Wasabi, Aubergine/Wasabi, and Steel Dyneema/Wasabi have sold out of the first run and are available for backorder and ship by late May.

Key Strap, 16″, in Ultraviolet Dyneema/nylon and Wasabi Dyneema/nylon

Handle Loop, both varieties

Synapse 25 backpack by TOM BIHNSynapse 25 in Olive/Steel.

New: 3D Clear Organizer Cubes in Dyneema/nylon

TOM BIHN 3D Clear Organizer Cube3D Clear Organizer Cube in Wasabi Dyneema/nylon.

Our 3D Clear Organizer Cube — a one-compartment organizer cube with clear front and back panels designed to meet the TSA 3-1-1 liquids-program requirements — is now available in Wasabi, Iberian, Steel, and Ultraviolet 200d Dyneema/nylon. Our ultralight 200 Dyneema®/nylon fabric — used mainly as a lining for our travel bags and backpacks — is custom produced just for us by a mill in Japan. Its great tear strength and surprising abrasion resistance come from the grid of white Dyneema® yarns woven approximately every .25″ / 6 mm parallel to the X and Y axes (the weft and warp), forming the distinctive ripstop pattern (the Dyneema® yarns don’t accept dye and hence remain their natural white color). Now you can choose a 3D Clear Organizer Cube made out of the same material as the lining of your Aeronaut, Tri-Star, Co-Pilot or Western Flyer travel bag.

Tizi: New Side Effect!

“Just picked it up today at the store after pre-ordering it. I can fit my iPhone, wallet, Google Nexus 7 in its case, pocket knife and a writing pad. It can easily fit more, but for illustration purposes this is what I put in it as soon as I got it home. I also got it with the waist strap. I will post up come pictures when I get that set up. Thanks TB Crew, this is the greatest little bag ever!”

TOM BIHN Side Effect photos by Tizi

Posted by Tizi in the Forums — see the full thread (with more photos) here. See also: the Side Effect.

The new Handle Loop

Handle Loop w/O-ringClear Organizer Wallet clipped to a Handle Loop w/O-ring.

The Handle Loop is a loop of webbing that allows you to add a grab handle or wrist loop to many of our Organizer Pouches and Cubes. Its length is fully adjustable thanks to a clever slide part that provides enough friction to keep the Handle Loop snugged around your wrist: even if pushed to the end of the Handle Loop, it won’t come off. $3. In stock and ships within one business day. And available in two versions:

Handle Loop with Snaphook: This version, with a small-but-tough swivel snaphook, is designed to clip to a 3D Clear, Mesh, or Dyneema®/nylon Organizer Cube, a Side Effect, your keys, a knife, a multitool, or a flashlight.

Handle Loop with O-ring: June, our Vice President of Production, came up with this one — it has an O-ring instead of a snaphook at the end, so it’s designed to clip to any of our accessories that already have a snaphook, such as our Organizer Pouches.

Handle Loop with SnaphookHandle Loop w/Snaphook clipped to a 3D Clear Organizer Cube in Ultraviolet Dyneema/nylon.

Introducing the new Side Effect

The Side Effect is a bag that has evolved directly from user feedback (mostly from folks on our Forums). The original Side Effect was a small waist pack: you guys were cutting off the waist straps, attaching Key Straps, and envisioning new ways to use the bag which we hadn’t. Other mods — more O-rings, different label placement, a removable waist belt — were not DIY-able for you all. We decided it was time to catch up, and then some.

Side Effect. $40. Available for pre-order; ships by April 19th. Colors: Black/Wasabi, Aubergine/Wasabi, Navy/Iberian, Wasabi Dyneema/Wasabi, and Steel Dyneema/Wasabi. Discuss the Side Effect in our Forums.

TOM BIHN Side Effect

TOM BIHN Side Effect

TOM BIHN Side Effect

TOM BIHN Side Effect

Video: Bartacking the Synapse 25

Bartacks are reinforced stitches that we use liberally in high stress areas on our bags: where shoulder straps or grab handles join the main body of the bag, where a critical seam ends and begins — anywhere necessary to make 100% sure the stitching on your bag never fails. In this video, Kieu adds several of the 24 total bartacks to our Synapse 25 backpack.

Kieu’s the master bartacker here in our Seattle factory: if there was a bartacking Olympics, we’re pretty sure she’d get the gold. Check out her focus on her work in this video and note that she slowed down to about half her usual speed so we could film the process.

And those of you with backorders for the Synapse 25 might be glad to know that this video was shot last week: our factory crew is hard at work making the first batch of Synapse 25 and we expect them to ship soon.

Pre-order: Key Straps in Dyneema/nylon

Key Straps in Wasabi and Ultraviolet Dyneema/nylon

We made a few samples of Key Straps, 16″, in Wasabi Dyneema/nylon and Ultraviolet Dyneema/nylon and liked the results. Then we asked you for your opinion; you agreed that these new Key Straps were a good thing and just like that, they’re now available for pre-order with a shipping date of late April.

16″ Key Strap in either Wasabi 200d Dyneema/nylon or Ultraviolet 200d Dyneema/nylon. $4. Pre-order now; ships by late April.

In stock: Ristretto for 13″ MacBook Pro/Air, 3D Dyneema Organizer Cube

Thanks to our busy crew, the following bags are back in stock and ship within one business day:

Ristretto for 13″ MacBook Pro or Air, all colors

3D Dyneema/nylon Organizer Cube, all colors

TOM BIHN Ristretto for 13" MacBook Pro or AirThe Ristretto for 13″ MacBook Pro or Air in Steel/Steel.

readmore: Aeronaut & Side Effect with baby in Mexico

Aeronaut and Side Effect: traveling with a baby

“I’ve been meaning to post this for a while for those of us who are on the shorter side who think the Aeronaut is too big. I am 5’3″. The Aeronaut and the baby weighed 20 lbs each. The Aeronaut carried everything for me and the baby, including diapers for a week, feeding supplies, and even a life vest! I walked a very long way through the airport (on both ends of the trip) with this setup and it was fine.

That is a black Side Effect under the baby with our passports and my wallet.”

Posted by readmore in the Forums. See also: the Aeronaut. As for the Side Effect — a new version will debut next week. Stay tuned.

Photos by dnarud13: Co-Pilot in Italy

“First outing for my new Co-Pilot: Dinner at Ai Sette Santi, on Monte Berico, overlooking Vicenza. Holds everything I need, safely. I’ll take a pic of what I carry and post up later. Typical TB flawless quality; 3D cubes are just the thing for the two pockets in the main compartment.”

Co-Pilot in Italy

And later…

Co-Pilot Packing List

Read the post by dnarud13 — with a packing list and more photos — in the Forums. See also: the Co-Pilot.