Update on the Co-Pilot


Co-Pilots are currently in production here in our Seattle factory. Those of you with backorders for the Co-Pilot can expect your orders to ship soon!

bvp663: One bagging it to Mexico! #TomBihn #OneBagOneWorld

bvp633: One Bagging It to Mexico

Photo by bvp633. Shown is the Aeronaut in 400d Dyneema/nylon.

ArnieJB: Kang and Kodos Box Artwork on New TB Order

“I have to show the artwork on the box of my TB order that came in yesterday. :)”

TOM BIHN Shipping Box Art

Posted by ArnieJB in the Forums.

Miking: Travel Tray at this weekend’s gig

TOM BIHN Travel Tray Backstage

Posted by Miking in the Forums. See also: the Travel Tray.

panzer: Co-Pilot as a camera bag

Co-Pilot as Camera Bag

Posted by panzer in the EDCForums. See also: the Co-Pilot.

Fat Crip: Iberian Packing Cube Backpack in Iberia

“This is my second trip with packing cubes, but first time I’ve used the PCBP as a backpack… or to be more accurate as a back-of-my-chair-pack! It was pretty warm here, in Spain, today (for February) at about 26º (80º in old money) so it was definitely T-shirt weather, but we live about 15Km (10miles) in from the coast and we were heading down to the coast to meet friends for an afternoon coffee. It can be chilly down there and, when the sun goes down, decidedly cold, so we went prepared. With 2 jumpers and my down waistcoat, what better than the PCBP?”

Packing Cube Backpack in Iberian

Read the full post (with an additional photo) posted by Fat Crip in the Forums. See also: the Packing Cube Backpack (Aeronaut).