samo: Photos of the Synapse and Ristretto

samo: photos of the synapse and ristretto

samo's synapse photos

See more photos by Samo posted in the TOM BIHN Forums.

“Perhaps you are a 8th realm bag God from another galaxy.”

Posted by knifed in the TOM BIHN Forums:


I’m not sure if you are a real person. Perhaps you are a mythological creature that doesn’t exist. Perhaps you are a 8th realm bag God from another galaxy. Or maybe you’re from the future. Either way, thank you.

For the past 10+ years I have been looking for a bag that I don’t need to replace in 6 months. I’m ashamed to say that I’m a bit of a bag addict. I’ve tried them all. The ________, the ________, the ________, the ________, the ________, the ________ of the world and much more. I must have spent at least $3-4k over the years; A drug addiction may have been cheaper. This was a dark time in my life.

A few months back a friend of mine told me to checkout the Tom Bihn Synapse. I heard of Tom Bihn but for some reason never gave it the time of day until then. As soon as I saw the Synapse I relapsed and ordered it in black/wasabi. I also ordered a Tri-star to use as my all purpose bag for travel and gym.

Upon receiving these bags and running through the basic routine — taking them out of the box, playing with the zippers, smelling the fabric, wearing it empty, wearing it with heavy load, etc. — I realized these were unlike any other bag I’ve had. The quality was top notch, the zippers were amazing, the dyneema interior felt tough and looked great, the shape of the bags was sleek, there were tons of configuration options (thanks to plenty of pockets and glorious o-rings), they both sat comfortably on my back. I’ve had other bags that ticked off some of these features… but never all of them. And unlike every other bag I’ve purchased, there was no regret. I was in love.

So thank you Tom Bihn for curing me of my addiction. Thanks for saving me from spending more money on other inferior bags. I know I have found the pinnacle of bag engineering and there is no higher summit. Now if only you made jackets…


In stock: Smart Alec, Ego, Co-Pilot, Aeronaut, + more

Thanks to our crew, the following bags are back in stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Smart Alec, all colors

Co-Pilot, all colors


Aeronaut, all colors (except for Black/Iberian and Black/Steel which ship by late April)

Vertical Brain Cell, Size 6Z
Vertical Brain Cell, Size 4Z

Horizontal Brain Cell, Size 6Z

Utility Straps

Co-PilotCo-Pilot in Navy.

Where’s Wes: 6 month trip with just the Synapse

Where's Wes: Packing List

Wes is about to embark on a six (maybe nine) month trip with just one bag: the 19l Synapse. See his packing list here. See also: the Synapse.

Miking: Travel Tray w/climbing gear

Climbing Gear w/the Travel Tray

“The travel tray is now living in my gear bag full time, so handy for emptying pockets before throwing on a harness!”

Posted by Miking in the Forums.

Euthymic: Quick Review – Empire Builder

“The bag is also somewhat unusual in that it is well structured (1/4” padding on the base, sides, and ends) so if packed well, it will stand up nicely (which is a really nice feature). Also, the bag has a ingenious file divider system (see pics below) that allows you to quickly and effortlessly add or subtract dividers, helping to organize your work if you carry a lot of files. It also has handles that are sewn in such a way as to always land together, so whenever you reach down to grab the handles, both of them are always sitting upright together waiting for you. It’s tough to describe without using but a super unique and elegant solution to fumbling with handles when a zipper runs between them.”

Read the full review posted by Euthymic at EDCForums. See also: the Empire Builder.

Empire Builder review

Low on… the Synapse

Even though it just came back into stock, we’re getting low on the Synapse — Black/Wasabi has already sold out (it’s available for backorder and due to ship by late May) and other colors may soon follow. If you’ve been considering a Synapse and would like to receive it soon, we’d recommend placing your order now.

Synapse in Black/WasabiSynapse in Black/Wasabi.

In stock: ID, Snake Charmer, Field Journal, 3D Mesh, more…

Thanks to our Seattle crew, the following bags are back in stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Snake Charmer
Field Journal Notebook
3D Mesh Organizer Cube
Cache, Size iPad, Horizontal and Vertical

Field Journal Notebook Field Journal Notebook in Conifer.

Pre-order: 3D Clear, 3D Mesh Cubes in Dyneema/nylon

Due to (your) popular demand, the 3D Clear and 3D Mesh Organizer Cubes are now available for pre-order in 200d Dyneema/nylon. (No photos, though, until we actually make the first samples…)

The Synapse is ready to ship

TOM BIHN Synapse backpackPhoto by Mason Drumm.

Thanks to our Seattle crew, the Synapse is back in-stock in all colors and is ready to ship within one business day.