Le_Pied: Western Flyer as one bag for 5-10 nights

“I’m partial to the WF. It’s all I’ve used for months (I mean one-bag only for up to 5 nights of business or 10 nights vacation). I would consider it as an under seat bag. I wear a size 12 US, and have given up the stress of overhead bin space. The WF, either ridiculously over-stuff, or politely filled has sat under the seat in front of me on 757, 737, CRJ200 and yes even the ERJ145! The WF also offers the option of getting the slip pocket on the back, rather than the back-straps, to create more ease of use when dealing with multiple pieces of luggage. IMHO the tough ballistic exterior, the multiple carry options, and the subtle organization would make it a good choice. Keep in mind, with any Tom Bihn bag, the use of organizer pouches and key straps to keep all your stuff connected is a great feature when going through security or in flight.”

Western Flyer under the seat

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In stock: Imago, Size 1 Vertical Brain Cell, Cache Air11

Thanks to our Seattle factory crew, the following bags are back in stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Imago, all colors

Size 1 Vertical Brain Cell

Cache, Horizontal, Size Air11

TOM BIHN Vertical Brain CellVertical Brain Cell

jannilee: My TOM BIHN collection travels the world

My Tom Bihn collection travels the world.Western Flyer in Madrid.

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In stock: Zephyr briefcase

Thanks to our Seattle crew, the Zephyr briefcase is back in stock and ships within one business day.

TOM BIHN ZephyrZephyr in Black/Black/Steel.

Budapest Bound Tri-Star + Frenchie on the Box

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For the last week, I tracked my package on the UPS site like I was following Santa Claus on NORAD. I knew it wouldn’t come a day earlier, or a day later than expected but what can you do when you have ants in your pants?

I want to thank Beau for helping me with my very first Tom Bihn order; a Tri-Star in steel/ultraviolet and then – 48 hours later – my second order (Ego) because I just had to. NOW I feel like I am well equipped for my trip to Budapest to cover the World Dog Show (and vacation).

Best of all is the box art!

— Tammy

Seikoguy: Aeronaut and Co-Pilot at the Kuala Lumpur International Airport

Seikoguy: Aeronaut and Co-Pilot

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Smart Alec at Village Clinic near Napo River, Ecuador

 Smart Alec at Village Clinic near Napo River, EcuadorPhoto by Dr. Manuel Mah, Canada.

1,749 words on why the Cafe bag is “just right”

“I’ve become a bag nerd mostly out of practicality. Being that I walk and take public transit to get around most of the time, carrying a bag is really a smart idea. I’d previously gotten by with carrying things in plastic bags and/or the packets of my pants or hoodies. That’s fine for small items, but not so much for bigger things, like my iPad. Since I don’t drive, I don’t have a car where I could throw things in as I move from place to place. Carrying a bag allows me to do so, to the point where not having my bag with me feels not dissimilar to the “naked” feeling I get when I don’t have my phone on me (or I have it but it’s dead). As I said, I searched a long time for the right bag, so I fully appreciate what the Cafe bag allows me to do. For lack of a better word, carrying a bag feels genuinely liberating. Besides, a bag is so much nicer than a plastic bag or overstuffed pockets.”

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Medium Cafe Bag reviewMedium Cafe bag in Black/Steel.

Trevor’s Box Art: Seattle Cityscape

Trevor's box art: Seattle Cityscape

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Miking’s How To: DIY Carabiner Key Strap

“Inspired by Proctor’s awesome post I began looking for a solution to be able to clip in some non-Tom Bihn accessories I often travel with. I ended up using a cheap keychain carabiner I had laying around the house by threading it through one of the loops of the Key Strap.”

TOM BIHN Key Strap Carabiner

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