In stock: Empire Builder, Super Ego, Lower Modular Pocket, more…

Our crew has been busy — the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Empire Builder, all colors
Super Ego, all colors
Smart Alec Lower Modular Pocket, all colors
Clear Organizer Wallet, all colors
Horizontal Brain Cell, Size 6T
Horizontal Brain Cell, Size 4Z
Tri-Star Packing Cubes, all sizes and varieties
Vertical Brain Cell, Size 15″ MacBook Pro Retina
Cache, Vertical, Size 2XXLT
Buzz, all colors
Ristretto for iPad, all colors

TOM BIHN Super EgoSuper Ego in Black/Black/Steel w/Reflective Stripe

Tri-Star for 3 Weeks in Antarctica

“Just returned from a 3 week trip to Antarctica via South America. My Tri-Star handled it all. I was traveling solo and loved having my bag with me. It even passed Aerolineas Argentina’s strict carry-on limits when the airlines was operating – and when they went on strike – I was able to sleep on the (only option) 22 hour bus ride to Buenos Aires – knowing my bag was with me!”
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TOM BIHN Tri-Star Travel Bag

Video: Gear Diary Reviews the Brain Bag

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New: Utility Strap

TOM BIHN Utility Strap for EDC items

The Utility Strap has a acetal snaphook on one end (designed to clip to the O-rings inside of our larger bags) and a acetal rectangular attachment point at the other end. The rectangular attachment point (think of a “D” ring except square rather than round) is designed to accept items with a belt clip, such as a flashlight, multitool, or knife. We’re sure you’ll find other uses for it as well.

$2. Available in 8″ or 14″ lengths. In stock and ships within one business day.

Seek New Travel – Complete Digital Nomad Packing List

Seek New Travel - The Complete Digital Nomad Packing List

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