In stock: Aeronaut (most colors)

The Aeronaut is back in-stock and ready to ship in the following colors:
Black/Steel, Black/Wasabi, Steel/Steel, Steel/Wasabi, Navy/Wasabi, Navy/Iberian, Cardinal/Steel, Forest/Steel, Forest/Ultraviolet, Aubergine/Ultraviolet, Aubergine/Steel, Nordic Dyneema/Steel, Steel Dyneema/Steel, and Steel/Dyneema/Wasabi.

Colors Black/Iberian, Steel/Ultraviolet, and Aubergine/Wasabi are available for backorder and are expected to ship by late February.

Your photos of the Aeronaut
Customer photos of the Aeronaut, posted on Flickr

Loaded Pocketz: Smart Alec Review, Part Two

“As a gear tester, there are those rare moments when you take something out of the box and you know instantly that you have something in hand that is going to be difficult to review because you’re not sure that words and pictures can do it justice. My unboxing of the Tom Bihn Smart Alec was one of those moments. The quality of materials and attention to detail is evident. Everything just feels better, which is strange because I’ve reviewed bags that on paper are constructed with many of the same raw materials.”

Read the full review — with 20+ photos — over at Loaded Pocketz.

Loaded Pocketz Reviews the Smart Alec

Sasquatch: Quick First Impressions of the Field Journal Notebook

“I just picked up the Field Journal the other day while heading back from the Seattle area. My first item from Tom Bihn and undoubtedly not the last! The red color is great and is a nice break from the many black and gray bags in the gear closet. It’s nice to have an easy way to transport important notes, paperwork, and receipts — all the while keeping them from getting trashed or lost. No more personal info on Post-Its and hotel notepads!”

Read the full review posted by Sasquatch in the Forums.

Field Journal Notebook first impressions

New: 1″ Waist Strap (available for order separately)

The 1″ Waist Strap can be added to many of our bags; it offers extra stability when you’re hiking, riding your bike (push or motor), or running to catch the bus. Attaches with Gate Keepers and closes with a side release buckle that adjusts on both sides. Previously only available for order as an option when ordering a bag, it’s now available for order separately: great if you chose not to order a 1″ Waist Strap when you ordered your bag but now want one, or lost your 1″ Waist Strap and would like to order a replacement. $5. In stock and ships within one business day.

TOM BIHN 1" Waist Strap

Tools & Toys: A Few of Our Favorite Things

Tools & Toys Favorite Bag: TOM BIHN Smart Alec

Tools & Toys lists their favorite gadgets, designs, and gear of 2012. Making the list is our Smart Alec backpack:

“This year, I ordered an all-black Tom Bihn Smart Alec backpack. It’s got tons of space, but is comfortable, even when fully loaded. Tom Bihn has a ton of accessories to trick out your bag, and I use several, mainly for cable storage. If you’re like me and have lots of gear to haul, you really should check out this backpack.”

Read more @ Tools & Toys

Introducing Smart Alec Modular Pockets + Gate Keeper Straps

Tom (Designer and CEO) and Nik (our Production Engineer) have designed three new accessories — Modular Pockets & Straps — for the Smart Alec that offer additional (and customizable) organization and carrying capacity.

1″ Gate Keeper Straps:
You can replace the front bungee included with the Smart Alec with these straps (or leave the bungee in place and install the straps over the bungee). Useful for securing large/bulky items to the front or top of the Smart Alec: a yoga mat, snowshoes, raincoat, Christmas trees, or anything else too big or wet to go inside. Available individually or in sets of two or three; the Smart Alec has webbing loops for accommodating up to five 1″ Gate Keeper Straps. Wondering how many you need? Tom uses two 1″ Gate Keeper Straps to secure his snowshoes to the front of a Smart Alec. $5 for one; $10 for two; $15 for three. Available for pre-order and ships by mid-January.
1" GateKeeper Straps for the Smart Alec
Two 1″ GateKeeper Straps securing a pair of snowshoes to the front of the Smart Alec

Upper Pocket:
Adds an extra 2+ liters of volume to the Smart Alec. Inside there are four small organizer pouches sized for the things to which you need quick access: smartphone, keys, multitool, flashlight. Two interior O-rings so you can attach keys or pouches or what-have-you. It should be noted that in situ the six Gate Keeper attachments make the Upper Pocket look somewhat like the paw of a polydactyl tiger. Just saying. $40-$45, depending on whether you choose the 1050d Ballistic Nylon or 400d Dyneema/nylon version. Available for pre-order and ships by late January.
Upper Modular Pocket for the Smart Alec
Upper Modular Pocket in Steel

Lower Pocket:
Adds an extra 3+ liters of volume to the Smart Alec. Fits two 1-liter water bottles, or one water bottle and other stuff, or just a lot of other stuff. Inside are two o-rings and an open-top organizer pocket sized for a wallet. $40-$45, depending on whether you choose the 1050d Ballistic Nylon or 400d Dyneema/nylon version. Available for pre-order and ships by mid-February.
Smart Alec Lower Modular Pocket
Lower Modular Pocket in Cardinal, secured to a Black/Black/Steel Smart Alec

Note: Tom updated the design of the Smart Alec in October 2012 and added 1″ webbing loops to the top of the bag to accommodate the Upper Pocket and additional 1″ Gate Keeper Straps. If you purchased your Smart Alec pre-October 2012 and it doesn’t have the upper/top 1″ webbing loops, you won’t be able to attach the Upper Pocket to your bag. You will, however, be able to use the Lower Pocket and the 1″ Gate Keeper Straps (secured to the bottom half of the Smart Alec). Some earlier Smart Alecs (pre-2009 more or less) had 5/8″ webbing loops; very early Smart Alecs had no webbing loops. None of the new accessories will work with these older bags.

Smart Alec with Upper and Lower Modular Pockets
With Upper Modular Pocket and Lower Modular Pocket

In stock: 520mm Tripod – Lighting Kit Quiver

TOM BIHN Tripod or Lighting Kit Quiver

Back in-stock and shipping within one business day: the 520mm Tripod – Lighting Kit Quiver

New: Swift in Hemp/Recycled Rubber

Swift in Hemp/Recycled Rubber

The Swift is now available for order — and in-stock and ready to ship — in solid Hemp/Recycled Rubber. $110.

Note: this may be your last chance to order bags in Hemp/Recycled Rubber. Though we’ve used this wonderful fabric for years and it has been quite popular, the manufacturer has decided to no longer produce it. Currently available in Hemp/Recycled Rubber are the: Swift (Forest/Hemp), Imago (Cardinal/Hemp/Steel and Aubergine/Hemp/Steel), Little Swift (Hemp/Hemp), Clear Organizer Wallet, and the new Swift in Hemp/Recycled Rubber.

Clever: iPhone & Travel Tray Photo

Travel Tray with iPhone

Posted by zutphen in the Forums. See also: the Travel Tray.

“I think my favorite memories of 2012 all involved my @tombihn bags.”

I think my favorite memories of 2012 all involved my @tombihn bags.

I think my favorite memories of 2012 all involved my @tombihn bags. #travel with friends.
– @A_Petey (Adam Peterson)

Shown in the photo: Packing Cube Shoulder Bag, Iberian