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TOM BIHN EDC Co-Pilot Photos

See more photos by BrianEDC over at the EDCForums. See also: the Co-Pilot.

Travelling Around the World with Tom Bihn

Posted by bvp663 in our Forums:

Planning a trip around the world? Heading to South America for a few months? Europe for a year? For those about to head out on an adventure and are looking for a Tom Bihn pack, I wanted to make a post that provided a few resources and linked to people who have done just that! Most links include packing lists which can be helpful for your own planning as well.

  • Dave from the travelled around the world for 12 months living out of a Tom Bihn Smart Alec backpack.
  • Kit from has been travelling around the world with her Aeronaut.
  • Forum member jea spent 25 days, 5 flights, and 4 countries living out of her Aeronaut.
  • Justin Lucas Savage of Back Country Treks travelled around Europe and Africa with a Tom Bihn Synapse stuffed into a Tom Bihn Brain Bag. [video] He also does another review of it here: Backpack Wrap Up: The Best Medium Lightweight Pack [Review]
  • Tynan has been travelling the world with only a Tom Bihn Synapse backpack [Gear Post 2012: Zen Edition].
  • Forum user Snowster followed Tynan’s lead and lived out of a Synapse backpack over 6 months, travelling across Western Europe and New Zealand. You can see what his packing list as well.
  • Keith Savage used both an Aeronaut and a Smart Alec for a month in Argentina.

  • Tynan’s 2012 Gear Video

    I’m still using my trusty Tom Bihn Synapse in Dyneema. I’ve never before used a backpack that reflects such a highly developed understanding of travel. The compartments are perfectly laid out and sized so that they never encroach on each other, even when stuffed.”

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    Circa 1995 and still in perfect condition…

    “My partner Michael just bequeathed me his Brain Bag, which he purchased circa 1995 and used all through his undergraduate years onward, as I’m soon to begin my tertiary studies. The bag is amazing (it’s in perfect condition after years of heavy use, and has such sentimental value for us both), and I can’t wait start using it. My partner continues to use his Super Ego bag (purchased circa 2002) daily for work, and has taken it with him on business trips all over the world. We are both impressed and delighted by the quality, durability, aesthetic and design of the bags, as well as the inspiring business practices of your company. I think you are my new favourite company; my hat is off to you all!”

    Posted by Bethany on Facebook

    Pin Up Live! on Wednesday with Beers & Beans

    Join us this Wednesday (1/30) at 7 p.m. (EST) on the Pin-Up Live! board on Pinterest to have a real time chat about traveling in the USA with the good folks from Beers & Beans. Participating is simple -– on Wednesday at 7 p.m. just head on over to the board Pin Up Live, which is dedicated to the event. Inspirational travel pins will be pinned to the board, each one containing a question related to U.S. travel. If you read or see something you like, tell us about it in the comment section of the pin and you will be entered to win one of our travel bags and accessories. During the chat, Beers & Beans will be checking out your boards and repinning some of your items to the board as well.

    Important: Pinterest does not use hashtags (#) in a real time way as of now so in order to follow the conversation, you’ll have to be on the Pin Up Live! board at the dedicated time (Wed 1/30/13 at 7pm EST) to participate. You will also need to refresh that page every couple of minutes to see the updates. Remember to refresh!

    Read more about the event over at Beers & Beans.

    Beers & Beans Pin Up Live

    tCook: Snowshoeing Franklin Falls

    TOM BIHN Smart Alec Snowshoeing

    “We tried snowshoeing for the first time today and had a blast! I used some of my TB gear, of course, like my new Smart Alec and the even newer Upper Modular Pocket and Gate Keeper straps. The Upper Modular Pocket had a variety of items in it, like an NOAA radio, gum, camera, and sunglasses. The Gate Keeper straps held our “butt pads” for sitting in the snow. They worked great! The foam is a little challenging to put in a compact roll, and the straps held them down with no slipping at all.

    I also used my cool TB water bottle, which was stored in the side pocket of the Smart Alec. This was my first big trip with the Smart Alec and it felt really good.

    We were at Franklin Falls near Snoqualmie Pass (Washington State), and the falls were very partially frozen and very pretty.”

    Posted by tCook in the Forums — read the full thread.

    Co-Pilot on Safari in Kenya

    TOM BIHN Co-Pilot on Safari in Kenya

    Thanks to Roger for sending us this photo. See also: the Co-Pilot

    Proctor: Organizer Pocket Explosion!

    Organizer Pocket Smart Alec

    Posted by Proctor in the Forums. See also: the Smart Alec.

    gargoyle: Synapse at Zion National Park

    TOM BIHN Synapse at Zion National Park

    Posted by gargoyle in the Forums. See also: the Synapse.

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