Photo: Brain Bag in Paris

Christian with his Brain Bag in Paris

Thanks to Christian for sending us this photo.

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Order your Knitty Swift by Dec. 31st

Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift by TOM BIHN

As incredibly popular as the Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift has been, it was always envisioned as a limited edition offering. December 31st 2012 is the last day to order your very own Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift. Don’t delay: once they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

Aubergine/Steel/Ultraviolet is in-stock and ready to ship now. (See our 2012 Holiday Shipping Guide for Dec. 24th delivery information.) Aubergine/Steel/Wasabi is available for backorder and is expected to ship in mid-January.

Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift
Introducing the Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift
knittyblog: Happy Knitty Day!
10th Anniversary Knitty Colorways

New way to use the Horizontal Freudian Slip

When you get to the office, take the Freudian Slip out of your bag and hang it on a knob or hook on the side of your desk. You’ll have easy access to your pens, papers, cables, etc.

TOM BIHN Horizontal Freudian Slip

New photo: Imago in Aubergine/Hemp/Steel

TOM BIH Imago in Aubergine/Hemp/Steel

The Imago messenger bag in Aubergine/Hemp/Steel.

In stock: Shop Bag, Large, all colors

The Shop Bag is now in-stock in sizes Small and Large in all colors, including new color Nordic blue.

An example of what the Shop Bag, Large — shown in Ultraviolet — can hold.

In stock: Co-Pilot, Western Flyer, 13″ Retina Brain Cells, Shop Bag, more

Our Seattle factory crew never ceases to amaze — the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship within one business day. Wondering when you need to order to ensure delivery by or on December 24th? See our Holiday Shipping Guide.

Co-Pilot, all colors: Black/Steel, Black/Wasabi, Nordic Dyneema/Steel, Steel Dyneema/Steel, Navy/Steel, Iberian Dyneema/Steel, Cardinal/Steel

Western Flyer, Rolling Luggage Handle Pocket, all colors: Black/Steel, Steel/Iberian, Cardinal/Steel, Navy/Steel, Aubergine/Steel, Steel Dyneema/Steel

Horizontal Brain Cell, Size 13″ MacBook Pro Retina

Vertical Brain Cell, Size 1

Swift in Cork

Shop Bag, Small, all colors: Nordic, Steel, Ultraviolet, Wasabi

Cache, Horizontal, Size 4Z

Cache, Horizontal Size iPad

Cache, Vertical, Size 4Z

TOM BIHN Co-Pilot in Navy
The Co-Pilot in Navy with a 3D Dyneema/nylon Organizer Cube in the front pocket.

Video: Our company, UPS, and sustainability

Because we were one of the first companies in the country to sign up for two major UPS environmental sustainability programs — Carbon Neutral Shipping and Certified Green Packaging — UPS and the Washington Post chose to profile our company for their video series on logistics and sustainability. Watch the video here.

TOM BIHN on sustainability

Below the video is a link to an article on Sustainability. Click the link to read an interview with Tom and Alexandra Guerson, a longtime TB Forums member.

Photo by Lani: Small Cafe Bag in Nordic/Ultraviolet

Lani with her Small Cafe Bag in Nordic/Ultraviolet

Photo posted by Lani in the Forums. See also: Small Cafe Bag

New 3D Dyneema/nylon Organizer Pouch

The 3D Dyneema/nylon Organizer Cube is a one-compartment organizer cube made of our ultralight 200 denier Dyneema®/nylon ripstop. Our 200 Dyneema®/nylon fabric is custom produced just for us by a mill in Japan. Its great tear strength and surprising abrasion resistance comes from the grid of white Dyneema® yarns woven approximately every .25″ / 6 mm parallel to both the X and Y axes (the weft and warp), forming the distinctive “ripstop” pattern (the Dyneema® yarns don’t accept dye and hence remain their natural white color).

Two O-rings on the left and right exterior sides of the 3D Dyneema/nylon Organizer Cube allow you to clip a Key Strap to the 3D Dyneema/nylon Organizer Cube and attach it to the O-rings inside your larger TOM BIHN travel bag, messenger bag, briefcase, laptop bag, knitting bag, or backpack.

$26. In stock and ships within one business day. Colors: Steel, Ultraviolet, Wasabi, Iberian

#5 YKK Aquaguard® water repellent coil zipper with plastic sliders
Dimensions: 7″ x 4.3″ x 2″ / 180 x 110 x 50 mm
Weight: 1.73 oz / 49 grams
Volume: 60 cu. in. / 1 quart / 1 liter (ASTM Standard Measure)

TOM BIHN 3D Organizer Pouch, Dyneema/nylon

3D Dyneema/nylon Organizer Pouch
Tethered to the Co-Pilot via a Sapphire Key Strap

3D Dyneema/nylon Organizer Pouch, Dyneema, Ultraviolet


TOM BIHN 3D Dyneema/nylon Organizer Pouch, Iberian

Photos by KD7DVD: Brain Bag, Brain Cell, Snake Charmer

Brain Bag, Brain Cell, Snake Charmer Photos

See more of KD7DVD’s photos over at the EDCForums.

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