Santa’s Brain Bag

Santa's Brain Bag

Artwork by the talented Magic Tiki aka Bob Patterson. Posted in the Forums.

Holiday Time at Wondrous TOM BIHN by Richard

It’s holiday time at wondrous Tom Bihn
The staff is working through festive din
And Tom and Darcy truth be known
Have Synapsed Riley a festive bone
And Cubes and Tristars on the lots
Are flanked by bright red Aeronauts
Bihnelves have heard the joyful cry
And help stack Travel Trays to the sky
The entire staff from this festive place
Sends all best wishes to human race
But also to animals that we all love
To dogs and cats and the peaceful dove
Even the mice in our factory store
Who nibble Dyneema scraps on the floor.

— Richard
(roh on the Forums)

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

From all of us here at TOM BIHN: Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas!

helen_uk: Festive Co-Pilot

Festive Co-Pilot

“Couldn’t resist taking a shot of my Iberian Co-Pilot and organizer cube (attached by a Cayenne key strap) underneath the Christmas tree tonight! Am thinking of taking it as my carry-on bag next month (suitcase checked in) – have dug it out to ‘practice pack’.”

Posted by helen_uk in the Forums.

Seattle store open today 10am – 2pm

Our Seattle retail store/factory showroom is open today from 10am – 2pm for last minute shopping. See you here!

4750A Ohio Ave S.
Seattle, WA 98134

Happy Holidays from the TOM BIHN Crew

LoadedPocketz: Tom Bihn Smart Alec Not Just a Fair Weather Friend

Tom Bihn Smart Alec Not Just a Fair Weather Friend

“Like the rest of the country, the weather has been downright odd here in Chicago this winter. We’ve had days where it has been in the forties alternating with freezing cold, rain, bone chilling wind, and now snow. With weather that unpredictable it’s entirely possible to get caught out in the elements and that’s exactly what happened to me earlier in the week. I ended up taking a stroll in freezing rain trying to get back to my vehicle from the train. The bag I had in tow was the Tom Bihn Smart Alec.”

Read the full post @ LoadedPocketz. See also: the Smart Alec

Dyneema Aeronaut and Tri-Star Unboxing Video

Posted by Fat Crip in the TOM BIHN Forums.

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Introducing 400d Dyneema®/nylon

“My Shop Bag holding preschool teacher gifts. Best bag ever.”

Tweeted by @sarahinajar:

My @tombihn shop bag holding preschool teacher gifts. Best bag ever.

My @tombihn shop bag holding preschool teacher gifts. Best bag ever.

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We’re open tomorrow (Seattle store + Customer Service)

Our Seattle store (4750A Ohio Ave S; 98134) will be open tomorrow 10am – 4pm, as will our Customer Service and Shipping Departments. Need help ordering a last minute gift? Have a question about an order you’ve already placed? Call us (1-800-729-9607 or 1-206-652-4123) or send us an email: we’re here and ready to help.

Available for pre-order: Smart Alec in 400d Dyneema/nylon

Smart Alec backpack in 400d Nordic Dyneema/nylon

The Smart Alec in 400d Nordic Dyneema/nylon. Available for pre-order now and ships by early January.