Happy New Year from the TOM BIHN crew

From all of us here at TOM BIHN: Happy New Year!

There’s so much in the works that we’d like to share with you: new designs, new fabrics, new videos, but one of our resolutions is going to be less hinting. We’ll start that… tomorrow.

EricSB: New Smart Alec, Set to Explore (Photos)

New Smart Alec Set to Explore

“My second day with my new Smart Alec has me contemplating my next adventure. World exploration? A trip to the North and South poles? Traversing the Amazon River? Summiting Mount Everest?

Nope, not today. Just a quick trip to the gym and back. However, I did decide to take some quick photos to share in the excitement I have for a new S.A. :)”

Read the full thread — with more photos — posted by EricSB in the Forums.

Diesel checks out the new Smart Alec
Diesel had to get in on the action and insert his photogenic presence.

Last chance to order a special edition Knitty Swift

Been thinking about ordering a Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift? You have until the stroke of midnight on December 31st to place your order. After that, the Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift will never be available again.

Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift by TOM BIHN

As incredibly popular as the Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift has been, it was always envisioned as a limited edition offering. December 31st 2012 is the last day to order your very own Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift. Don’t delay: once they’re gone, they’re gone forever!

Aubergine/Steel/Ultraviolet is in-stock and ready to ship now. (See our 2012 Holiday Shipping Guide for Dec. 24th delivery information.) Aubergine/Steel/Wasabi is available for backorder and is expected to ship in mid-January.

Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift
Introducing the Knitty 10th Anniversary Swift
knittyblog: Happy Knitty Day!
10th Anniversary Knitty Colorways

Loaded Pocketz: Smart Alec Review, Part One

Loaded Pocketz reviews the Smart Alec

“Here are some shots of me wearing the Smart Alec. I’m a large guy at 6’4″, 250 lbs and I usually prefer a longer pack for my torso length. However, I found the fully loaded Smart Alec to be exceptionally balanced and it distributed the weight evenly to the point that I favor it now over some of my packs that are specifically designed for trail use. It’s also light weight for a 1000D pack at 1 lb, 13 oz empty.”

Read the full review @ Loaded Pocketz.

@copyhacker: photo of my loaded Synapse

What fits in copyhacker's Synapse

Photo by @copyhacker

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Photo: Claudine with her Large Cafe Bag in Olive

Claudine with her TOM BIHN Large Cafe Bag

Thanks to Claudine for sharing this photo with us. See also: the Large Cafe Bag

SAKplumber: Detailed Synapse Photos

Detailed Synapse Photos by SAKplumber

Just one of the many detailed photos of the Synapse posted by SAKplumber over @ EDCForums.

adamki: Tri-Star Packed for 9 Day Trip

Tri-Star Packing Photos by adamki

See more photos — and a complete packing list — by adamki in the Forums. See also: the Tri-Star

Just in time: Smart Alec arrives an hour before trip departure

“I put a (redesigned) Smart Alec on my wish list, assuring my beloved it was just fine that it was a backordered color combination (for shipping in January). She apparently went ahead and ordered it, got a shipping notification, and received it in Seattle just one hour before we left for the airport for our Christmas in Minnesota! The black/black/wasabi combination still shows as backordered, so you folks at the Tom Bihn factory accomplished a Christmas miracle! So fun and awesome. I don’t know how I got so lucky as to actually have the bag in hand and get to wear it, but I appreciate it SO MUCH!!! Yay for the great surprise!!”

posted by tCook in the Forums.

Nick Hodges: Brain Bag Going Strong After 5 Years

Nick Hodges: Brain Bag Still Going Strong

Back on September 1st, 2007, Nick posted a review of his new Brain Bag on his blog. Below is an excerpt; go here to read the full review.

“Second, it was clear that a lot of thought had gone into the ergonomics of their products. The zippers were all easily accessible and clearly heavy duty. The pockets on the back of the bag [Brain Bag] make for easy access. The bag has straps on the side that allow for expansion, keeping the bag “just the right size” while allowing for a lot of stuff to be put into it. Overall, it was clear that this was a really, really nice product.”