In stock: Travel Tray, Cache for iPad mini

Thanks to our Seattle crew, the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Travel Tray, all colors (Steel, Ultraviolet, Wasabi, Iberian)
Cache for iPad mini, Horizontal and Vertical

TOM BIHN Travel Tray
Travel Tray in Steel.

Brain Bag backpack circa 1998

“I just wanted to say hi and that I’m so glad to see you’re still making awesome bags. I bought my Brain Bag w/a laptop insert in 1998 from the Santa Cruz store, just before you closed it and moved. Well the bag took me through four years at UCSC, and we’ve since traveled the world. I’m about to take it to Australia, and realized that it has lasted longer than almost anything I own, and at the same time has been used more than almost anything I own. Color me amazed. The new bags look fantastic — keep up the great work!”

— Joe

TOM BIHN Brain Bags
This isn’t Joe’s Brain Bag, and though it’s not quite as old as his is, it might give you a sense of how well our bags hold up over time.
On the left: a 2002 Brain Bag in Sapphire.
Right: a 2011 Brain Bag in Black.
Photo by retrophisch.

Colorado Mountain Mom reviews the Aeronaut

“Because I often fly in and out of a smaller location, I typically end up on planes that are small, for at least some of the legs. On smaller planes, the overhead bins are smaller, and standard rollerboard carry on bags will not fit. Meaning you end up being forced to gate check your bag, whether you’d like to, or not. Fear not: the Aeronaut will fit in smaller overhead bins.”

Read the full review @ Colorado Mountain Mom. See also: the Aeronaut

Aeronaut fits in small overhead bins

GearGuide Reviews the Ego messenger bag

GearGuide Reviews the TOM BIHN Ego Messenger Bag

“Dynamite bag. The Tom Bihn Ego delivers unique looks and an unheard-of level of customization. That customization comes at a price of course. As tested, the Ego topped out at more than $100 over the next closest bag. But, man do you get what you pay for – top fabrics, top components, top construction quality and a completely unique bag that stands out from the crowd.”

Read the full review @ GearGuide.

TOM BIHN Ego messenger bag review

Photo by Janine: I Voted

Photo by Janine: I Voted

Photo posted by Janine in the Forums.

New: Tri-Power Safety Whistle w/Compass ($6)

Our Tri-Power Safety Whistle is designed to give you the best chance for survival in a disaster or life-threatening situation. Based on years of experience and testing in search-and-rescue situations, this Safety Whistle should be an essential item for any person looking for an inexpensive but effective tool for being rescued.

TOM BIHN Tri-Power Safety Whistle is waterproof
It’s waterproof.

Designed by search-and-rescue professionals, this is the whistle of choice for the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Forest Service and National Parks Service, US Coast Guard and Coast Guard Auxiliary, and NASAR (National Association for Search & Rescue).

TOM BIHN Tri-Power Safety Whistle

Front has the TOM BIHN logo and a reminder that three sharp blasts signals for help. Back features a compass. Clips to the o-rings inside of our bags. Available in Orange, Red, Blue, and Black. $6. In stock and ships within one business day.

Orange Tri-Power Safety Whistle is highly visible
Our choice? The Tri-Power Safety Whistle in Orange. It’s highly visible.

nukediver: How we can help those affected by Hurricane Sandy

“I was lucky and didn’t suffer loss. Some of my friends weren’t so lucky. They’re having a hard time right now, and I intend to help them however I can. I would hope that anyone reading this would consider helping out as well. There are several obvious ways to do this, most notably through the Red Cross. But since I know many of the TBers are animal lovers, I will suggest a few other options. First, The Humane Society has set up a relief fund; consider making a donation there. Second, there were two aquariums affected by the storm, and while I’m not certain as to their current status, they are most certainly still in need of help.”

Read the full post by nukediver in the TOM BIHN Forums.

Updated w/new links from Jodi Ettenberg and Justin Lancy:
WNYC Newsroom: How to Help | Sandy Recovery
For people not in the NYC / Tri-State Area who want to donate, here is a link to list of groups who are assisting in the relief effort, vetted by Charity Navigator.

In stock: Ristretto for iPad, Medium Cafe Bag, Snake Charmer

Thanks to our Seattle crew, all backorders have shipped and the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship within one business day:

Ristretto for iPad, all colors, including Navy/Steel and Aubergine/Steel
Medium Cafe Bag, all colors
Snake Charmer, all colors

TOM BIHN Ristretto for iPad

Tom Bihn: The Early History

“I recall meeting Tom at Aptos High, where we were both students. I think he was a year ahead of me and a year behind my sister. My family was a little bit crafty—at one point I tried to sell handmade leather belts, not too successfully. Tom was in another league entirely. He was making down jackets (Tom’s first designs: down jackets) but he had a few other tricks up his sleeve as well.”

Read the full post by jwwarren in the Forums.