nsh: Honduras Practice Packing List (with photos)

Below is an excerpt from nsh’s forum thread Honduras Practice Packing List. Click here to see the full packing list and more photos.

Honduras Practice Packing List
Trip Duration: 2-3 weeks in January
Purpose of the trip: wife to the primary researcher
and short birthday beach side trip
Luggage: Synapse (brand new!!) and field journal

Honduras Practice Packing List by nsh in the TOM BIHN Forums

OBOW forum members on the Shop Bag


Alan B: “Of interest for someone who will have an extended stay in a city, and whose lodgings include at least a kitchenette, the Tom Bihn Shop Bag might be useful for small scale shopping”


stayhealthy: “i have this shopping bag. the large and the small. truly a well made bag useful in many situations. the handles are great because they have poron in them. carrying heavy load will not hurt your hands. the handle will not bite into the palm of your hands. i turn mine inside out so that you have those two inner pockets on the outside rather than on the inside. this way you can put stuff on the outside. toronto is about to ban all plastic shopping bags, hoorah!!!”

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nsh: FJN used on field research trip to refugee camps in the Middle East

“The field journal was an incredibly useful tool in assisting me during my work travels. Here is why:

1) I administer interviews in Arabic and write from right to left instead of left to right. The field notebook makes it easy to write in either direction.

2) The straps on the bag create enough tension when worn around the neck and leaned against the abdomen that it creates a table when you stand up. I am rarely able to sit down and administer interviews so having a sturdy surface to write responses was a lifesaver for me.

3) As a small-framed woman, carrying a heavy backpack on my shoulders for several hours in the hot sun while administering interviews can be very taxing. For many years I hauled my GPS phone, writing tools, and cards in a backpack and carried around a clipboard. I was fumbling with all my items while trying to write down interview responses. The field journal notebook changed all this for the better. My shoulders are no longer sore at the end of the work day because the bag is light. The zippered exterior pockets held my passport and a small wallet (from Tom Bihn) and the interior pockets held my pens and phone. I used a small clip to attach my water bottle to the strap so that I could operate hands free when walking around the camps.”

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TOM BIHN Field Journal Notebook
Photo of the FJN by Jason Penrod.

Lani: Me and my Smart Alec went to Walt Disney World

“Just went to Orlando this past weekend on a quick extended weekend trip with friends (it was mostly “work” for MousePlanet). I considered taking my Western Flyer, but chose my Smart Alec instead this time. I was flying by myself and thought it might be fun to be nice and mobile.

It was just for 4 days but I’m doing a half-marathon in 2 weeks (the Monterey Bay Half-Marathon) so I needed to be able to do a long run over the weekend (in this case, 9 miles) so I had to take some running gear with me. Still, everything packed up just fine.”

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C. reviews the Synapse

C. works for an NGO in Iraqi Kurdistan. Here’s her review of the Synapse:

“I firmly believe that the trick to stress-reduced packing and traveling is being in possession of a good bag. (I also firmly believe that packing and traveling are, probably by default, stressful experiences, rendering any methods of stress-reduction welcome.) Several years ago, I bought a 60-litre pack to use while traveling around the US, and while I loved it immediately, I’ve found that it’s really not suited for my life as an activist in Iraqi Kurdistan. It’s too big to be considered a carry-on, and it’s too bulky and strappy to make it efficient for the short trips we take here. If I was hiking around, then it’d be great – probably all I’d need. But because I’m mostly living in houses, and traveling to not-very rustic locations, I only use that pack when I travel to, and from, Kurdistan.

Before I left home, I went on a hunch and purchased this backpack [the Synapse] from pack-maker Tom Bihn. I already owned a Tom Bihn bag, and had used it hard for over two years. Seriously – that bag has held everything from a dozen end-of-semester textbooks to a bouquet of flowers for my sweetheart, and it still looks good as new. I’m a brand-loyal sort of person, especially when that brand is from a US-based small business, so naturally I went looking to Tom Bihn again for my next bag.

Readers, I thought I loved my big pack. But I gotta tell you, I fell hard for that little Tom Bihn backpack, and I take it nearly everywhere with me. Like three-day excursions to Iraqi Kurdistan’s capital, for example. I can fit everything I need for a short trip inside this backpack — and, it works as a carry-on. If I was a light enough packer to only bring that bag with me on longer adventures, I would do it.

Wanna see how much I fit in my bag, after last week’s trip?

TOM BIHN Synapse

And while I wish, in hindsight, that I’d laid all this out over a white sheet or something, instead of this very busy mattress fabric, hopefully you get the idea. All that, in that very little bag. Really, it makes me feel a bit like Mary Poppins.

I’ve got PJs, toiletries, iPods, an e-reader, notepads, my laptop, a snack, a 27oz water bottle, a harmonica, Giraffey, pens and pencils, my wallet, my mobile, and also the camera that took this photo. And a lot of other stuff, too.

I suppose this is really just a shout-out to a wonderful bag. If any of you are looking for a new backpack, or messenger bag, or even piece of luggage, I enthusiastically recommend checking this company out. Their stuff isn’t the cheapest you’ll find, but I can attest to the quality of its construction, and its durability.

Yup. Just my little small-business plug.”

Beers & Beans: Hanging out in Italy with the ID

Photo by Beers & Beans: hanging out in Italy with the TOM BIHN ID

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Research Scientist Reviews the Synapse

“I just received my new Synapse (Navy/Ultraviolet) and Aeronaut (Navy/Wasabi) this last week. I am a research scientist and therefore incapable of making a purchase of this sort without extensive analysis, reading of reviews, and watching youtube videos of the various bags available (not just Tom Bihn bags – sorry) for comparison.”

Read the (incredibly detailed) full review of the Synapse by ablakey in the Forums.

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The Western Flyer in Aubergine

TOM BIHN Western Flyer carry-on travel bag

The Western Flyer carry-on travel bag in Aubergine/Steel. Available in two versions: Backpack Straps version ships by mid-November and Rolling Luggage Handle Pocket version ships by early December.

American Made Holiday Gift Guide 2012

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In stock: Ristretto vertical messenger bag for 13″ MacBook Pro or MacBook Air

TOM BIHN Ristretto for 13" MacBook Pro or MacBook Air
The Ristretto for 13″ MacBook Pro or MacBook Air in Steel/Steel with a 13″ MacBook Pro Retina.

Thanks to our Seattle crew, all backorders for the Ristretto for 13″ MacBook Pro or MacBook Air have shipped and it’s officially back in-stock and ready to ship within one business day.