Photos by SAKplumber: Synapse in Olive

Synapse photos by SAKplumber

See more photos by SAKplumber over in the EDCForums.

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In stock: Cache for iPad mini, Side Effect, 6Z + 4Z VBC

Thanks to our Seattle crew, the following bags are back in-stock and ready to ship:

Cache for iPad mini (Horizontal and Vertical)

Side Effect, Black and Plum

Size 6Z Vertical Brain Cell (size for the 13″ MacBook Pro)

Size 4Z Vertical Brain Cell (size for the 15″ MacBook Pro)

iPad mini Cache sleeve
Cache for iPad Mini, Horizontal. Fits the iPad mini with or without the Smart Cover.

Seikoguy: Wasabi and Solar Comparison Photo

Wasabi and Solar Comparison Photo

Thanks to Seikoguy for posted this photo.

Bye Solar, Hello ___
Introducing Wasabi Dyneema/nylon

4 day winter trip with one bag: the Synapse

“As an experiment/challenge, I am on a 4 day wintery work trip with only my synapse. In the bag are two sweaters, one sweater vest, two dress shirts, one night shirt, one t-shirt, three pairs of socks and two undies. Also packed toiletries, two notebooks, snacks, glass bowl, utensils, phone charger and wallet. the amazing thing about the synapse is how it can be stuffed to the gills without squashing anything. The pocket placement is so perfectly engineered to maintain a cute shape and balanced weight distribution. I haven’t lacked anything. Next experiment: 18 days abroad.”

Posted by conversa in the TOM BIHN Forums.

TOM BIHN Synapse: one bag for a four day trip

In stock: Vertical Brain Cell, Size 13″ MacBook Pro Retina

The Vertical Brain Cell, Size 13″ MacBook Pro Retina, is now in-stock and ships within one business day.

Shop Bags and Aeronauts Shipping By December 14th

Many of you wrote or called us to ask if currently backordered Shop Bag and Aeronaut color combinations would be back in-stock in time for delivery by or on December 24th. (Shop Bags and Aeronauts make great gifts.) Our crew has made it happen: all currently backordered Shop Bag sizes and colors and Aeronaut colors will ship by December 14th. That means they’ll be guaranteed for delivery by or on December 24th, even with UPS Ground ($10) shipping, as long as you place your order by December 17th at 12:30pm PST. (Expedited shipping for last-minute orders will be available up until Saturday, December 22nd.)

Currently backordered Shop Bag colors and sizes that will ship by or on December 14th:

Shop Bag, Large, in colors Wasabi, Steel, Nordic, and Iberian
Shop Bag, Small, in Nordic

Currently backordered Aeronaut colors that will ship by or on December 14th:

Nordic Dyneema/Steel
Steel Dyneema/Wasabi
Steel Dyneema/Steel

If you need to know if another bag or color combination will ship in time for delivery by or on December 24th, send us tweet, an email or give us a call (1-800-729-9607/+1-206-652-4123) — we’re here and glad to help.

Shop Bag, Large, in Steel. Makes a great host gift.

Aeronaut maximum carryon travel bag
Aeronaut in Steel/Steel. A popular gift for those who frequently travel or have trips planned in the new year.

TNW: A year with the superb Tom Bihn Super Ego and Tri-Star bags

TNW reviews the Super Ego and Tri-Star

“So, after a year with the bags, I’ve had a chance to get to know them fairly intimately and to test them out under a variety of loads. I’ve been in and through a dozen airports or more, in planes large and small. They’ve accompanied me to half a dozen conferences and been spilled on, dropped, dragged, used as a pillow and as a footrest. These are tough, good looking products that have done me well in a variety of situations and protected my junk all over the place. If that’s enough for you, you can head over to Tom Bihn’s site now to buy one. If you want a deeper look, read on.”

Read the full review @ The Next Web by Matthew Panzarino.

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Len: My Western Flyer Review and Packing List


“Once or twice a month, I do something that a lot of folks think is crazy.

I wake up way too early, drive to the airport, and fly 2500 miles to San Francisco (where many of my clients are). I spend the day running from meeting to meeting before heading back to SFO and taking the five-hour redeye home. Frankly, I prefer this routine to staying overnight, as my body never gets a chance to adjust to the time change, and I don’t have to worry about jet lag when I get back.

For these trips, I needed a carry-on bag that met some pretty strict criteria….”

Len chose the Western Flyer as his carry-on bag. Read his full review, with many photos, in the Forums.

Len's Western Flyer Packing List and Review

Video review of the Aeronaut by JD Andrews

Aeronaut by Tom Bihn – Travel Gear Review from JD Andrews on Vimeo.

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In stock: Brain Bag, Aeronaut Packing Cubes

Our crew has the entire four day weekend off (we’re back at work Monday). It took some teamwork (the sewing crew finished the bags, Q&A made sure they were 100% perfect, and our shipping team shipped out all backorders) and we worked together to make sure that Brain Bags and Aeronaut Packing Cubes in-stock for the big weekend.

In stock:
Brain Bag, all colors: Black, Steel, Universal Camouflage, Navy, Plum, Olive, and Indigo
Aeronaut Packing Cubes, all sizes

TOM BIHN Aeronaut Packing Cube
Aeronaut Packing Cube, Small

TOM BIHN Brain Bag backpack
Brain Bag in Steel